#YouSaveFriday : Label It And Make It Yours!

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Label It And Make It Yours!


Ever want to put your name on something so everyone that saw it would know it belonged to you? Still the days or writing with markers and sticky notes should be behind us.  When mabel’s label’s offered to send me a set to try out I already knew what I wanted them for – to Advertise & Promote!  Yup, that’s right!


I designed my mabel’s label’s with MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter in mind.  I was extremely pleased by the results.  Not only did I receive 45 labels but they are in my favorite colors and fit my cell phone, iPad cover and laptop perfectly.  I was even able to remove them to replace when my OCD kicked in and I needed them to be ‘just right’.


45 Multicolor Sticky Labels ($21 value)

mabel’s labels are so durable they even stayed put when I got caught in a mini rainstorm and thought they would peel off.  Nope!  Still there and hanging on strong!

Now this was just my idea for using mabel’s labels but there are so many more!


On The Go!

You can label that stuff your Kiddies tend to ‘misplace‘ all the time. You know when they come home: “Momma I really don’t know what happened to my other shoe!”

You can even help keep track of your bags when planning that next family trip!

Mabel’s Labels Bag Tags


In The Kitchen!

You ever forget which canister is flour and which is sugar?  Or which pasta is whole grain?  No more taste and see…simply mabel’s labels it!

Get Your House in Order for 2014 with Mabel’s Labels Household Organization Labels!

mabel’s labels even work for keeping track of those snacks and jars you want to know what you put in them and when.


In An Emergency!

Did you know that mabel’s labels are even great for making sure people know important medical, allergy or emergency information?  That’s right you can label just about anything with just about everything!

Allergy Alert Labels

New Senior Labels from Mabel’s Labels!


However You Want!

Not sure what you want to put on your mabel’s labels but you know you want them.  The “Write Away” labels are a perfect fit for you.  You can order them how you like then ‘Write Away’ however you want.


Can Be YOUR Fundraiser!

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