Zombie Attack!


The Scene: Mrs.Tee and Hubby head out for a trip to the local hardware store. They decide to take the Hubby’s pick-up so they have the carry space for whatever they decide to buy. As Hubby opens the door to the driver’s side, he notices that once again Mrs.Tee has neglected to reset the seat from her 5″2′ frame back to the settings needed for his extra 8 inches.

As he looks over at her to ask why she didn’t reset it and how she expects him to get behind the wheel like this he hears a groan behind him. As he turns a flesh eaten hand reaches out to grab him…the last human memory he has is his aggravation with Mrs.Tee for not resetting that seat! If it weren’t for her he could have made it behind the wheel instead of sitting there hold the seat button. Now he’s going to be a ZOMBIE!!!

Mrs.Tee heard the grown the same time as her Hubby and saw everything as it happened in slow motion. What should she do? She tries to grab the keys from his hand but he has already been bitten. How long did they say it takes for him to change?!!??? Does she have time?!?!?!

She runs around to the other side of the truck and tries to drag him from the door. His hand is gripped tightly on the seat adjust button. Ugh! Why won’t he let go? She has to GET AWAY!!! Suddenly his hand grabs her…Oh No! He’s changed already? Why so fast?

As she struggles to release his grasp he start grunting what she thinks are words but she can’t make them out. She continues to struggle and realizes he keep pointing back at that stupid adjust button. REALLY? You’re a zombie and your still fussing about that stupid button!?!?

Then just as she gets her wrist out of his hand he swoops around and grabs her…the last thing she remembers is seeing that stupid button as she lost consciousness. Suddenly she comes to but she’s not her…Her mind wants to speak but her mouth can’t seem to make the connection. What’s happened?

As Mrs.Tee looks around to try to understand she sees her Hubby dragging a leg and grunting away. When she goes to follow him she realizes she can’t. What’s wrong with her legs? Why can’t she move. She looks down and her legs aren’t there. What in the world?!?!?

Then she looks back towards where he walked to…what was that he was holding? Her legs!

**This is a true scenario my Hubby gave the last time I forgot to readjust the driver’s seat setting to his truck. It happened shortly after we watched a full day of The Walking Dead.

Does everyone remember the scene in Episode 1 with the female crawling zombie?

She had no legs and was just in the park dragging herself around.

Yeah well that was his inspiration.

In Hubby’s scenario my leaving the seat set for me instead of him, would leave him without anyway of escaping a Zombie attack.  Instead he’d be standing there pressing the dumb seat button. Since his last memory would be of me putting him in the situation, once he turned he would come after me and leave me just like the lady from Episode 1.

Please Ladies – PRESS THE ADJUST BUTTON!  Don’t Let This Happen To You!




The Walking Dead – Season 4

THIS Sunday, October 13th


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