Turn It Up Tuesday!

Welcome to a new week on Turn It Up Tuesday everyone! Thank you for sharing all of your amazing posts with us as we celebrated Father’s Day! This week, we’ll be celebrating Summer! – so be sure to share all of your amazing posts, including activities, trip ideas, and much […]

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Hey There Mamas! | The Mommy Monday Blog Hop Is LIVE

Hey there Mamas! I’m so sorry for the delay in getting this up. It’s been a bit hectic over here but never too hectic to hang out with my #MMBH Lovies!   INTRO {#MMBH} …   Follow Mrs. AOK Mrs. AOK, A Work in Progress Twitter Pinterest Google+ Facebook   […]

Moments To Remember | #BlogHer 17 Day 3

Day 3 of #BlogHer17 for me was one that I made the conscious decision to slow down and enjoy. I was starting to feel as if I was going so much that things were becoming a blur. I wanted to take the last day of this experience enjoy the day […]

Moments To Remember | #BlogHer 17 Day 3 | TheMrsTee.com

I Met Carla Hall Ya'll | TheMrsTee

I Met Carla Hall Ya’ll ! | #BlogHer17 Day 2

I Met Carla Hall Ya’ll! Like seriously it wasn’t just a quick selfie – she actually talked to me – like  full conversation with thoughts and exchanges and such! I found out I look like her niece and we share an obsession with glasses! It’s like we’re BFFs . . […]

Who’s Says Work Isn’t Fun?? | #BlogHer17 Day 1

  Who’s says work isn’t fun?? In my BlogLife it definitely can be especially when I attend a BlogHer Conference. My Day 1 at #BlogHer17 proves work and fun can go hand in hand. I remember as I packed my bags earlier this week to make the trip to Florida. […]

Get The Most From Your BlogHer Conference Experience

Tomorrow will be the start of #BlogHer17 in Orlando, Florida – it will be my third BlogHer Conference Experience. I have planned, organized and prepped my way through the past few months and at this point I am ready for all this year’s conference has to offer from connections, business opportunities […]

It’s A Father’s Day Giveaway At The Mommy Monday Blog Hop!

To Celebrate Father’s Day we are so happy to share a Giveaway hosted by our very own Mrs.AOK, A Work In Progress – Watch Out For Father’s Day! Be sure to Enter To WIN Below and don’t forget to share all your amazing posts of the week with us here […]

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U Don't Know Me | Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta | TheMrsTee.com

U Don’t Know Me | Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta

  Since the start of the season Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta has been nothing but drama, suspense and conflicts. This week’s episode didn’t fail to live up to the pattern. The focus of this episode starts with mom confrontations over Brandon and Reginae’s conflict and ends with Shad Moss […]

Pay It Forward | There’s An App For That

“Proudly Sponsored by The Good Cards.” “There’s An App For That!”  I’m that person who has an App for just about everything. From work, to home to play – I’m Queen of Apps. Finding an App to help make a task easier, more efficient and even a bit more fun is […]

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Focus On Fathers | Turn it Up Tuesday

This week we are putting the focus on Fathers since we’ll be celebrating Father’s Day this Sunday – so be sure to share all of your amazing posts, including gift ideas, ways to celebrate, personal stories, and much more! We’d like to thank you in advance for partying with us […]