5 Reasons To Use Branded Hashtags

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Hashtags. We see them, share them, recognize them, notice them and connect them with specific brands almost everyday. Yet what about us? Bloggers, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners just like you and I – can they work for us? Yes! Here are 5 reasons for you to use Branded Hashtags!

5 Reason Hashtag PIN


5 Reasons To Use Branded Hashtags

Before we go into the why behind a Branded Hashtag let’s cover exactly what it is. A Branded Hashtag is one created to specifically identify with Your Brand – as a Blogger that would be your site. For example, my Branded Hashtags are for both my Site and my YouTube Channel.

5 Reason Branded Hashtag

#TheMrsTee represents my Brand. It’s clear, simply and short. I use this for sharing my blog posts, supporting other Bloggers and connecting with Brands. It’s me!

#MrsTeeVlogs does the same but for my YouTube Channel. The hashtag still includes my main brand while keeping clear that it covers additional content.

There are also a few basic to think of when creating a Branded Hashtag:

Clear – be sure your hashtag is obvious to what your brand is. If your site is ABCBlogging your hashtag shouldn’t be XYZBlogging – stay consistent.

Simple – you also don’t want to complicate things too much. Try to avoid being so different that it become confusing and/or hard to share and remember.

Short – you never want your hashtag to be too long so that it can be included in posts without any character limit issues.

Okay, now that we covered the what here are the reasons why I mentioned…

Be Seen | Easy To Find

5 Reason Hashtag Easy To Find

Having Branded Hashtags gives your Followers, Readers, Audience and most importantly possible Brand connections an easy way to access your content across several Social Media Networks.

Did you know most Brands do their research on you and your brand prior to reaching out to you? That’s right, the same way we search out information on them. So when a Brand stops by my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and sees that I have Branded Hashtags within my Profile and Bios they can search in one click and find my content across each network.

When your Brand is easy to find your Brand is easy to hire.

Be Shared | Create Your Own Trend

5 Reason Hashtag Create Your Trend

Hashtags are used all across Social Media to create a trend on whatever topic or content they represent. By establishing a hashtag specific to your brand you give your content the ability to create a trend all it’s own!

When I share my posts through Social Media I include relevant and popular hashtags but I am always sure to include my own as well. This increases exposure to the audiences associated with those hashtags and gives them an easy way to find their way back to my brand.

For each person that shares your tweet, post or pin your Branded Hashtag is taking your brand not only to your audience but theirs as well!

Be Recognized | Establish Your Identity

5 Reason Hashtag Identity

When we see certain hashtags we immediately know what brand, personality or cause they represent. Creating Branded Hashtags give your Brand a recognizable identity across multiple networks. Your content, imagery, topics gain extended exposure with a wide variety of audiences while also increasing your Brand’s impact and influence.

Be Noticed | Create A Buzz

5 Reason Hashtag Create A Buzz

Teasers. Sharing snippets of information with an easy to follow hashtag will create a buzz around upcoming events. It will get people talking and spark interest as well as encourage organic promotion from others. Branded Hashtags can help do the same for your site.

I have created Branded Hashtags for my Blog’s Anniversary, My Birthday, Giveaways and More! Each time I was able to create a buzz and interest in what was happening before it even started. Curiosity can be on of the best ways to promote organically.

5 Reason MrsTeeTakeLA

This year I will be attending my second BlogHer Conference in LA. Not only is it happening on my Birthday weekend but this will also be my very first time in LA. I’ve come up with a Branded Hashtag – #MrsTeeTakesLA – to help create a buzz around my shares before and during the trip. I only posted it this week but I’ve already seen the impact and have people anxious to follow along with my upcoming posts. Best Part? I can use this hashtag across not just 1 but ALL my Social Media Networks!

Be Connected | Brand Association

5 Reason Hashtag Brand Association

Sponsored Posts and campaigns often require us to share using their hashtags and different key points. Yet most times they don’t mind if you add a few to the mix. When this is possible I always include my own Branded Hashtag. Why? By including my Branded Hashtag as a part of the promotion I am always connected with that campaign and it’s promotion.

I establish an association that can be searched, shared and promoted easily and always have a lead back to me as the source. When the company searches their hashtags they see my Brand as well. They see my work, my content and my full influence on their campaign. Win-Win!

There’s More!

5 Reasons To Use Branded Hashtags | TheMrsTee.com

You can even Register and/or Verify your Branded Hashtags!! This is something I found out recently but believe me I jumped at the concept. The same way my site always links to me the process of verifying my Branded Hashtags gives me claim to them and the content connected to them.

5 Reason Twubs Hashtags

The process is so easy. Simply head of to Twubs, create an account, enter the Hashtag you wish to Register and follow the steps as indicated. Once you complete the Registration you will be asked if you would like to Verify that hashtag.

Verification is that added bit of protection to be certain that your hashtag is known as being just that – yours. Now, I would only do this for your Brand’s permanent hashtags – not event or ones that may not be connected with evergreen content – but for a one time fee of $9 I consider it an investment worth making.


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*Disclosure of Material Connection: I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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