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Themes are great and today I’m working with a prompt that is all about 5. It’s called 5 Things and I must admit when I first read the prompt the first title I thought of was I Got 5 On It…yeah I did. Still, I decided to not go there but it was just too fun not to mention…LOLThings PIN

5 Things…

I Wanna Share (That You May Not Know)

I sang with a community choir for nearly 10 years and even recorded an album with them. So yeah I can hold a note or two 🙂


I’m a licensed minister


I’ve traveled to different states to speak as a minister


I used to teach Sunday school


I’ve been a minister since 18

I know (A Bit About)

I Love all things Comics and we often have family nights full of  Marvel Trivia…Check out this Marvel Quiz I had a blast creating for SheKnows!


definitely love learning and sharing different tips on bringing the best you to your YouTube Channel


Blogging is not only my passion but something I have enjoyed learning more about how to take your brand beyond your URL


I’m not a perfect parent but I am the perfect parent for my Kiddies. It took me a long time to realize that even though I don’t know it all I definitely know enough to raise some pretty awesome Kids (yeah I’m a bit biased) including a Teenager and 3 Kiddies.


Surviving – being a military spouse hasn’t been an easy journey but I’ve learned a lot about myself, my husband and the strength we have together to help us give our family a firm and true foundation.


I Don’t Know (A Lot About A Lot But Here’s 5 Things)

International Travel – I just got my passport this year and I am determined to break it in within the next 3 years!


Homeschooling – I admire and envy all the great parents out there who take on this challenge. I just don’t think I have the patience or the know how to give my Kiddies what they deserve.


DIY – I can get my craft on in a pinch but that desire to make something I can buy off a shelf…yeah that I know nothing about. *BUT I admire everyone who can and does.


Common Core Math – can I just say I think I need to hire a tutor to teach me how to help my Kiddies with their homework. What’s so wrong with borrowing? #JustSayin


I Believe 

In God – first and always most importantly my faith is what grounds me and helps make me who I am.


The good in others – if I didn’t have hope in what other people could be I don’t think I would make it at all. I know there are bad people in the world but I have to believe there are good as well.


Hard work pays off – “Nothing Beats A Failure But A Try” If I put no effort into something how can I expect anything to come of it. I’ve learned that when I put in as much or even more than what I want out I am never disappointed. In the end my hard work always pays off.


Dreams come true – I don’t have to fit in with the ordinary. I can be who I want and do something different and it’s okay.


Myself – I believe in me because if I don’t what other people believe won’t even matter. It all starts with self-confidence.


*This prompt was found at this week’s MamaKat’s Losin’ It Writing Workshop
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