A Letter…To My Amazing Military Children

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A Letter…

To My Amazing Military Children,


I know this journey we’ve shared together hasn’t always been easy on you. As Military Children, you have endured and overcome a lot but you have come through it healthy and whole and for that I am grateful.


Missing your Dad has always been the most difficult part of our military life. We knew it was hard on him to miss special moments and memories but it hasn’t been any easier on you guys. You missed out on the advice he could have given, the support you longed for and even the hug you may have needed at just that moment – just from him. Thank you so much for making the most of the moments we did have. The video chats, phone calls, texts and family vacations. Those memories will be something we all treasure forever.


Then came the moving. We have lived in nearly 7 different homes in as many years and I know our moving from place to place so often had an impact on the friendships you made and lost as well as your own self confidence. It is never easy always being the new kid. Add to that trying to get used to a new city and a new home I know it was a lot. I am so proud of each of your for always giving it your all. Making new friends, exploring your new city and being willing to learn along the way.


After Daddy’s deployment we had many moments of adjustment. He had been gone for so long and we had found our own routines. Out of necessity we learned our surroundings, found familiar activities and even tried to make new friends. I was so amazed at how you each did your very best to make him a part of your daily lives. Sharing your new found routines, inviting him to your activities, introducing him to your friends and remembering even though he hadn’t been there it wasn’t because he didn’t want to be.


Now that Daddy has retired, we are finding our way back to ‘us‘ as a family. We are settled in a place we love calling home and we have a pattern that fits us all as a whole. I know that part of why we have made it through this military life is because of the strength we all found in living it. Maintaining consistency in our lives has not always been easy but thanks to our on post lives and the resources they have always offered no matter where we were some things didn’t need to be hard.


At each station we were able to know we could always count on the commissary to help us make whatever house we were assigned to a home, we always made it priority to find the local library to find the comfort we love in books and even the different activities and programs offered helped us realize that as long as we were together we could call anyplace our place.


Each of you have become stronger children, stronger family members and stronger people because of your Military Life experiences. I can’t wait to see where your own lives take you because I know that military kids are definitely military strong and that  brand of strength is one that will take you far.






Being the mother of Military Children can be a difficult and at times heart-breaking role. You have to have the strength to bring them through situations that you yourself may be having  hard time understanding. With companies like Procter and Gamble and their amazing products available at every Commissary we are able to make our assigned housing feel a bit more like a home and believe me, that is a big deal.


There have been so many times that making a quick stop at the base Commissary to pick up familiar products has given us that sense of home. I am a person who is very big on scents and textures so one of the first things I did when we arrived at a new house was to wash all our linen, towels and clothes in some of our favorite products like Gain, Downy, and Dreft for my babies. The smell of freshly washed bedding just made wherever we were feel more like ours then just a place we were staying.


Besides making our house become a home, I am always faced with the worry of whether my kids will make new friends, fit in and find activities that keep them not only busy but healthy. Thanks to programs like ProCamp that stress can be lifted from mine and the hearts of military families all over.


ProCamp is a program that offers youth camps in basketball, baseball, soccer and football- they even offer the opportunity to play with an NFL Player, a once in a lifetime chance for any child. Helping children to stay active, stay fit and stay social is so important and ProCamp does just that, for me that is something I can truly appreciate.


Between now and April 8th, simply by purchasing P&G Brands at your Commissary, you can help bring a ProCamp to your base! How wonderful it can be to know that by making purchases of some of your favorite products you can help bring the opportunity for healthy activity and once in a lifetime moments to the children in your military community? Pretty amazing I think!


So go on, get shopping and let’s get those military children active…!


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