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Have you ever wanted to explore the world? I know I have. Until I have the chance to fill my passport I’ve decided to explore the World through taste. Last night I had the opportunity to do just that at Sassool Mediterranean Cafe in Cary, NC.

Their Story . . .

When the children of Cecilia Saleh came to America they longed for the familiar tastes of her homemade Lebanese cooking. Yet they didn’t want it to keep only to themselves. No, they wanted to share it and the love she gave while making it. That’s when Sassool became their shared dream and passion.

Mounir, Cecilia’s third son, followed in mama’s footsteps learning the recipes, flavor, and special touches of her cooking. He passionately believes and lives by his mother’s principle, “If you wouldn’t serve the food to yourself and your family, then don’t serve it to others.” —Sassool.com

Named for their Mother’s nickname, Sassool Mediterranean Cafe caters not only to your tastebuds but to your heart as well. From the moment we sat down I felt welcome. I had the chance to chat with Simone Cecilia’s Granddaughter as she served us. As she described each dish I heard more than just the ingredients and recipes – I heard her love for her heritage, her culture and her family.

In just one dinner at the Sassool table I was taken on a trip around the world right to the Mediterranean exploring the amazing tastes of Lebanon. Sassool invited the Bloggers of the NCSocial Facebook Group to sit down at their table an enjoy a family style meal prepared with love – just for us!

The Meal . . .

Now remember I said ‘family style’ right? Listen. I’m not sure about your family but the Sassool family makes sure you never leave the table hungry! From start to finish each part of our meal was nearly too pretty to eat and then too good not to finish!

Thanks to Simone, I knew the Basmati Rice and Lebanese Beans are best when paired together and let me tell you she was telling the truth because they were absolutely amazing – so amazing I brought a bit home to enjoy for lunch today.

Next we had the chance to try the chicken kabobs. Can I tell you these chicken kabobs were absolutely delicious? Served with this miracle of a white paste made out of garlic and you know what I’ll just let Simone tell you in the video but let’s just say I couldn’t get enough!

To end our meal we were treated to an assortment of Baklava and Stuffed Dates. Two dishes that I probably never would try on my own but since I was all in the mood for exploring different tastes I decided to give them a try. The Baklava was a really interesting taste very buttery flaky and full of different levels to tease your tastebuds.

Taste For Yourself . . .

Take my advice – taste Sassool Mediterranean Cafe for yourself. Explore a world of tastes without the hassle of going through customs!

Sassool Mediterranean Cafe is conveniently located in

Cary • 1347 Kildaire Farm Rd

Raleigh • 9650 Strickland Rd

and Coming Soon to the Morgan Street Food Hall in Raleigh!

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