Amazing Coffee Shops In Fayetteville

Coffee. It’s the brew that gets me through the day as a Mom, Wife and Entrepreneur. I love waking up to the sounds of my machine getting that first cup going still there are times when I like to let someone else do the pouring. Luckily Fayetteville has some pretty amazing coffee shops that I’d love to introduce you to.

That’s right. First the Coffee then the things. It’s kinda how my day starts and honestly – sometimes how it ends. So when I saw a post from LaShawn of Everyday Eyecandy sharing her pick for the Top 10 Coffee Shops in Atlanta I knew I needed to give a knod to a few of my faves right here in Fayetteville.

LeClair’s General Store

LeClair’s General Store in the Haymount section of Fayetteville is the kind of place where you walk in and feel like you’ve been here before.

You don’t need to know everyone yet somehow you feel as if you do. The wall of mugs makes that at home feeling even more real with your own personalized cup ready to be filled whenever you stop in.

Only at a place like LeClair’s can you satisfy your caffeine craving, grab a bite to eat, get a bit of work done and even get a serenade by guitar from the owner himself.

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I love that every visit feels like the first. The owner Patrick makes sure LeClair’s always lives up to it’s vintage reputation. From the collection of antique glass vases and jars, the many antique desks, tables and chairs and the unique selection of wine, locally crafted beers, coffees, hot sauces and more LeClair’s is a place like no other.


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The Coffee Cup

The first time I walked into The Coffee Cup I thought of the Central Perk from Friends. It’s the kind of place that makes you wanna sit, sip and stay a while. From the welcoming staff and amazing antique decor up front the the cozy lounge right in back. The Coffee Cup gives you the best brews and the best atmosphere all in one place.

On my last visit I tried the Frosted Gingerbread! Like drinking Christmas in a cup! I was able to grab a table get a bit of work done and enjoy the chatter of the other customers.

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Christian Owned, The Coffee Cup’s owner, Angela, loves to give back to her community it whatever way she can. As I sat and sip my coffee, I heard her instruct her barista to give a cup of coffee to one of the workers outside. When he came in and asked how much he was told it was ‘on us’. Random acts of kindness like that set this shop apart.


Hanging out at @thecoffeecupus here in . . . ☕• Can I just tell you: this Frosted Gingerbread is Aaah-May-Zing!!! ☕• Oh and the lemon cranberry muffin . . . I’m in my happy place!! ☕• #AD #BagsOnAMission #BrandAmbassador #MrsTeesFaves #Coffee #CaffeineRequired #FrostedGingerbread #HappinessInACup #Organic #LoveLocal #MerryChristmas #ChristianOwned #ShopSmallDrinkBig #DowntownFayNC #MYFayetteville #MyNC #FayettevilleNC #NC #Blogger #BlogLife #NC #NCBlogger #NCBloggers #LifestyleBlogger #SouthernBlogger #TheMrsTee

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Rude Awakening

From store front to the courtyard out back this coffee house is a place full of unique character and a welcoming staff. As I stood waiting in line I heard they call each customer by name, chat about life and do more than simply pour an awesome cup of joe.

Now I haven’t been often enough to be known by name (yet) but I love that this family owned business takes the time to go beyond what you want for the day to ask how is your day?

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I lucked out with an abnormally warm December day for my visit and had the chance to sit in the courtyard to enjoy my warm croissant and gingerbread flavored coffee. Served with a smile and walked back personally I know Rude Awakening will definitely see me again sooner rathe than later.


Gingerbread Latte, Warm Buttered Croissant and the perfecr ambiance. ☕ #AD #MrsTeesFaves #MrsTeesFaves #Coffee #CaffeineRequired #RudeAwakeningCoffeeHouse #SeeYouDowntown #LoveLocal #MerryChristmas #ShopSmallDrinkBig #DowntownFayNC #BagsOnAMission #BrandAmbassador #MYFayetteville #MyNC #FayettevilleNC #NC #Blogger #BlogLife #NC #NCBlogger #NCBloggers #LifestyleBlogger #SouthernBlogger #TheMrsTee

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If you’re look for a place to spend a bit of time, enjoy coffee made with love and enjoy the character of not only the building but the people then Rude Awakening is the Coffeehouse you need to visit.

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Good Living Coffee Zone

There’s something about the instant connection between veterans and military families. It’s like an unknown familiarity and that’s exactly what I felt the moment I walked in to Good Living Coffee Zone.

Owner Ernie and Shop Manager Patricia opened Good Living Coffee Zone as the fulfillment of a dream. They are now making their mark in the #MarketFair center in a big way.  Bringing together the community of shops and workers as friends – each one supporting the other. Another amazing part of the Good Living Coffee Zone family is Marine veteran – Leo or better known as King Leonidas – is an expert barista. He knows his craft and doesn’t mind sharing the knowledge with any customer who asks.

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Do you know how the Americano came about? American soldiers in Italy couldn’t handle the strength or small 1-1.5oz serving of the classic espresso and adapted it to the Americano to suite their tastes. Sitting there enjoy the yummy gingerbread latte he made me and learning a bit more about the drinks I love make Good Living Coffee Zone a coffee shop you need to know and I love to share.


Stopped by @glcoffeezone for my Must Have after meal brew and got the chance to learn a bit about this #VeteranOwned gem . . . ☕ Oooh and tasted the amazing Gingerbread Latte . . . #NomNom ☕ #MrsTeesFaves #MrsTeesFaves #Coffee #CaffeineRequired #GoodLivingCoffeeZone #GLCZone #LoveLocal #MerryChristmas #ShopSmallDrinkBig #DowntownFayNC #MYFayetteville #MyNC #FayettevilleNC #NC #Blogger #BlogLife #NC #NCBlogger #NCBloggers #LifestyleBlogger #SouthernBlogger #TheMrsTee

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Are you in Fayetteville? Know of a Coffee Shop I need to visit? Share it with me in the comments below . . .

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