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For this week’s #AskAwayFriday,  I get to connect with my long-lost Twin: Lanaya from Raising Reagan. Seriously it’s as if we were separated at birth or something because we seem to find out something else we have in common on a daily (almost hourly) basis.  Besides having a beautifully unique name, she also has an awesome and unique Blog. Lanaya describes her site as an ‘OCD MOM WRITING ABOUT A PRECOCIOUS TODDLER’.  This may be true but Raising Reagan is that and so much more…she writes about the adventures and humor of Raising Reagan her as well as some great cocktail recipes, workout tips and wonderful giveaways.




Now, it’s question time with Lanaya’s questions for me…

1. What is the bravest thing you have ever done?

I’m not exactly what you would call a ‘brave’ person.  Hmmm.  Bravery does require a certain amount of courage so I would say making our first move to North Carolina.  Simply because I always lived near and around family.  That was the first time I actually moved outside my safety zone and did something for just my Hubby and our family.

2. If you could be one of the Disney princesses, which one would you choose and why?

A Princess?  I’m such a Tom-Boy…I think if I had to pick a Disney Princess I would most likely pick Jasmine because she 1) gets to wear pants 2) never waited for a Prince to rescue her, she was always thinking and ready to save herself and go find her own adventure and 3) she had a really awesome pet tiger…plus if I remember correctly she seemed to do all her own stunts! LOL


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3. Which would you consider a better trait … honesty or loyalty?

I think I would go with honesty because I feel if you are a truly honest person your honesty would lead you to be loyal anyway BUT I don’t think loyalty would guarantee honesty.  Does that make sense? I rather have someone tell me the truth because being told a lie only makes me feel as if you didn’t think I was worthy of the truth.  I wouldn’t want the loyalty of a dishonest person.  It’s not worth anything.

4. MAC or Windows?

I’ve actually never used a MAC.  So simply from that I can only say Windows.  I will say I saw a pic of Mrs AOK’s MAC and I am definitely intrigued.

5. I just gave you $500 to spend on yourself – not your family, not your friends. YOU! What would you buy?

Wow! I almost always ended up buying something for the Kiddies.  I would probably get my hair and nails done then maybe purchase a purse and/or outfit.  These are things I almost never get to do.  #MommaLife

6. Give me a peek into your typical day …

Starts at daybreak. Get Kiddies ready for school: showers (Girlies) and breakfast

School Drop Offs

Blogging, Lunch, Playtime with Buddies, Errands, Housework (cleaning, laundry, etc.)

School Pick Ups (Girlies)

After school snack


That Day’s Activity: dance, choir rehearsal, girl scouts, band, etc.





7. What is the one tool you would say is the best for interacting with other bloggers? {Example – Blog Comments/Twitter/Facebook, etc.}

Twitter…I have gained the most followers and the best friendship through my interaction on Twitter.  I am able to announce my posts, draw traffic to my Blog, engage with other Bloggers, interact with Brands and connect with network communities all through this one tool.  


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8. What is your favorite flower?

I know it’s kinda cliché but I love roses…not red but pink tones and the multi-colored bunches.


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9. Would you rather go on a cruise to the Caribbean or guided tour of Italy?

Cruise to the Caribbean.  I don’t think I would want to be ‘guided’ because I like to explore on my own and I’ve never been on a cruise before.

10. What is your favorite subject to write about?

Love, Life and Laughter:  Every part of my life and what I come across in my day-to-day including my Kiddies, my Hubby our silly moments and our not so silly ones; my adventures with friends and simply people I interact with.  I honestly just love to write.




Now don’t forget to go by and check out my questions for Lanaya and the rest of our awesome Blogger’s connecting for this week’s #AskAwayFriday

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