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One Word for an entire year. 52 weeks, 366 days this year and one word to cover them all. It can be a daunting thing to try and come up with and I must admit I was close to skipping the process entirely this year. Then I sat down to record a Hello January for my Channel and as I spoke realized I do have a word for 2016. Last year I chose Growth, a word that is actually still echoing in my heart now but this year I feel to truly reach my full potential of growth I also need to Believe.




To believe is a verb defined primarily as follows:

accept (something) as true; feel sure of the truth of.

So what is that something? Well I don’t have just one but I actually have a few somethings I want to believe this year. For myself, for others and for my future success.

In His Plan.

His. Him. God. The one who I trust to lead me in every way. I mean that’s how it’s supposed to be right? Unconditional trust in Him. Yet there are times when I question His plans. I wonder if the delays are worth the wait, if the denials are deserved and if the decisions are always ones I like. Why? I’m human. I’m flawed and I’m a work in continual progress. I have those moments when I think I know better, know more and even know best. Still I am learning that believing in His plan for me will help eliminate all the wonder and instead set me on a path to the good I know He has prepared for me. It is only when I do this fully that the Blessings flow. So this year, 2016, I am determined to believe and accept His plan as true for my life.

In The Good.

I need to learn how to believe in the good of other people. I have been jaded for sometime now. The times when I offered myself as a friend and received nothing back. When I shared parts of myself to have the exposed to others. I have wounds but I must learn to let them heal. I can’t allow them to remain open and hold me back. The only way I can get past the hurt is to believe it isn’t the norm. There are good people out there. Even now, I am learning day by day to trust again and to simply believe in the good.

In Myself.

Yup. I doubt me far too often. I question if I am good enough, smart enough, pretty enough. All of the enoughs that I am sure you have had at some point or another. The problem starts when I begin to let those questions stop me from moving forward. I begin to stand still in my doubt instead of moving in the promises God has made me for my success. That’s something I plan on letting go this year. I am going to believe in me. I will feel sure of the truth that I am good enough, smart enough, pretty enough and more than enough because God says so!

Have you picked a word or goal for 2016?

What brought you to your choice?

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