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Day 2 of #BlogHer16 was the day of the VOTY (Voices of the Year) Awards and I was an Honoree. I’m not sure it had even set it yet – you know the reality. Even now, it still feels unreal. I woke up at 3am PT. when I say woke up I don’t mean like rolled over and slowly opened my eyes to face the day. No. I popped up in the bed like someone called my name. I was wide awake. That’s right folks. I had jet lag. My body was stuck somewhere between tired, excited and anxious.

VOTY Table BlogHer16

When I received the email saying that I was selected for this year’s VOTY Awards I literally screamed out loud. I was sitting in my room all by myself absolutely loosing it. I’d been chosen! Was this for real? I promise I read that e-mail over and over at least 10 times throughout that first day. I could hardly believe that my video venting about my Texting Pet Peeves not only made it through the nomination and judging portions but actually earned an honor!



I text over calling anytime – I mean seriously who has time to talk anymore? So I had come up with a pretty good list of things that tick me off when it comes to my favorite form of communicating. I sat down and put the video together pretty quickly and got great responses from it. When the announcement for VOTY Nominee Submission went out I thought hey this would be a great short video submission. I entered it and pretty much forgot about it after. Yet then the email arrived…

“We’re thrilled to inform you that your piece, “Texting Pet Peeves,” was nominated in the video between 1-5 minutes category and made it through a minimum of three rounds of judging with at least two judges each round, and has been selected as a 2016 Voices of the Year Honoree!” -SheKnows Media

Man listen! Surprise, Shock, Amazement, Gratefulness…they were all there sitting with me in my bed as I saw that perfect little blue badge and had to let out that scream of excitement.

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So on this day nearly a month later my mind was running in overdrive and my body was feeling the impact. I sat there trying to run through my day and everything that would lead up to the Awards. I decided to get a bit of work in since I was obviously not going back to sleep.

When the phone rang with my 6am wake up call I was ready to get started. My morning was full of event after event: Staples, Kim Kardashian, getting a selfie with Ian Ziering, connecting with YouTube Pals in real life and of course the VOTY Awards!



UnReal Collage BlogHer16


It was time. I tipped out of the end of Kim Kardashian’s keynote and made it to my room. I felt like I was getting ready for prom. I mean people – there was makeup involved. I don’t do makeup unless it’s super important so yeah – think on that. I slipped on my little black dress and these really awesomely unique heels (yup heels, another sign this was a big deal) I got just for this night and made my way down to the alcove for cocktails with…..



Aisha Tyler! To say I was a bit stoked about this is putting it lightly. Okay so despite my totally at ease smile in the above photo I was super stressed because I had just speed walk in said heels after getting down to the 3rd floor from the 17th (yeah there was an elevator but still – it sounds better that way) and realizing I didn’t have my badge. I made a mad dash back to my room walk right past Aisha Tyler on her way to our cocktail time. I broke a sweat trying to make sure I got back in record time – than goodness for long-lasting deodorant!

#BlogHer16 Day 2 It Still Feels UnReal Award

Isn’t she pretty? That’s right it’s a she and her name is Ree (as in HonoREE – lol). I even bought her a special tote for the flight home. I’m still in a bit of a state of shock and let’s just say Ree has been looked at a few times a day since we got home. I mean come on after all – It Still Feels UnReal!



Let me know In BlogHer Day 2


PS – My Day 2 didn’t end here. I also found my #Squad on this day but I’ll share that in my next post 🙂


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