Oh the places I go!! Here is where I share the ‘recaps’ or look backs of the places this amazing Blog Life takes me…

Homegrown Arts Festival • Art In All Forms |

Homegrown Arts Festival • Art In All Forms

I had the chance to attend the very first Homegrown Arts Festival at Cape Fear Botanical Garden here in Fayetteville. The experience was one I don’t think I or my children will soon forget. Throughout the day we had the opportunity to experience art in all forms which left a lasting impression on us all.

Mom's Night Out |

Mom’s Night Out !

I’m not sure about other moms but for me getting a Mom’s Night Out is something that happens a bit less often than I would like. Yes I have date nights, events and Blogger things I attend but getting the chance to do something fun with another mom minus the Kiddies – that’s what I call a true Mom’s Night Out!