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Earlier today I posted this pic of me waiting in an examination room for my doctor to show up nearly an hour after my actual appointment. The pictures were taken out of frustration because little to no cell service in her office and was going a bit stir crazy just sitting there. The reality of the situation is I was very close to loosing my patience and my temper with the poor assistant who was walking around trying to ‘find’ my doctor and taking Selfies was the only way I could think to make light of it and keep my cool. I felt that I should have been a priority…because I had an appointment. I felt my situation was somehow larger than whoever she must have been with at the time. I even said out loud (to myself since I was still waiting in the exam room)

“Just wrap it up already I need to go”

photo (64)

It was at this moment I overheard one of the Doctors in the hallway discussing one of his patients and how she had suffered two strokes within the past year but with treatment and monitoring had recovered back to her ‘baseline state’. I’m assuming this means she recovered back to how she was prior to the two strokes. I then saw the patient walking by my exam room door, smiling and thanking him and wishing him a good day. She seemed fine short of a slight limp.

As I sat there and thought about how impatient I had been only moments earlier I realized how ridiculous I was being. My annoyance was such a small matter compared to what was actually going on around me. There were people here in recovery, walking miracles yet I was upset about waiting?

I was there for nothing more than a follow-up for my migraines. Yet there was this woman who had survived two strokes in only 12 months. Is that not larger than me? When I think of how my migraines could have ended if not diagnosed when they were, I could have easily been that woman.

So for me today was a lesson in realizing to take the small things for what they are but be grateful for the larger picture. God has brought me through so much and from so far…keeping my temper and my patience for an hour while someone in greater need than me is being cared for should in all honesty be a small thing.



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