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Thanks to an amazing Periscope Challenge I have recently started ‘Scoping’ every single day! Yup. I never thought it would be me. I am a YouTuber as you all (hopefully) know but when Periscope first started I really underestimated the impact it would have on Social Media. Now that I also consider myself to be a Scoper I am in love! Yet being a YouTuber I wanted to find a way to make sure that if I had a really awesome Periscope video I could bring it over to share with my YouTube viewers as well. So now that I’ve figured out the how to I want to share it with YOU…

How To Take Your Periscope To YouTube |



Grab Your Video

The first step to taking your Periscope video to YouTube is obviously saving the video itself. Although Periscope is recorded LIVE you are able to save the recording to your phone for later use. You can do that directly through the Periscope App by selected the option Autosave Broadcasts within your Settings.

How To Take Your Periscope To YouTube |


Once you have this done and each time you finish broadcasting on Periscope you will have a copy saved automatically to your device. So when you have those moments when you have this gut feeling that this one needs to be available for a lot longer than 24 hours you can send that file to your Macbook or PC as either an .mov or .mp4 file and get ready to take it from Periscope to YouTube.


Create Your Overlay

*Since I work on a Mac on a day to day I will be giving the steps used to move your video with that device. 


After you have sent your video file to your Macbook be sure to save it somewhere safe that you will be able to locate easily. First we are going to create an overlay to make your Vertical recorded Periscope video fit into a Horizontal YouTube world.


I am going to be using Canva for this example but you can use nearly any photo editing tool that will allow you to customize your dimensions and add your own text and images including PicMonkey.
 How To Take Your Periscope To YouTube |


First thing is to select the Custom Dimensions options. I personally have found that 606 x 341 fits my YouTube videos perfectly so that is the dimension size I will be working with. If you have a different set of dimensions that you know works for your YouTube Thumbnails you can use that instead. You just want to be certain that it fills your entire screen when you playback.


Now the key to creating an overlay for a Periscope video is to eliminate the two black bars that would normally appear on a Vertical video when uploaded to YouTube. To do this we are going to select an image that will not only cover that but also give your vertical video an appearance appealing to viewers.


How To Take Your Periscope To YouTube |


I have chosen to select a smartphone overlay to achieve this. I have seen others who simply picked a vertical size that would be the same dimensions as their video. The choice is totally up to you.


Next select a background that fits your style and overall Channel design. offers free options as well as paid choices for their images and backgrounds. You can even search for something specific using their expansive connection to the Pixby Library of images. Note: Canva images with a purchase price are usable and editable for 24 hours. After that time you will need to re-purchase them to edit any further.


When you have your background picked go ahead and customize the look. Be sure you leave the middle area for the overlay that will eventually frame out your Periscope video. Canta also gives you the option to upload images you have on your computer to use as additional design features. Feel free to add your Twitter Handle, Periscope Handle, or whatever other information you would like to highlight to the right and/or left side of the overlay image. This is basically a bit of free advertising for your Site, Channel or Periscope as people watch your video.


How To Take Your Periscope To YouTube |


Like I said, Canva has both free and paid images. I wanted a clean and realistic looking phone so I decided to go ahead a spend the $1 to purchase the image. Since I will be saving this to use for all my future Periscope to YouTube uploads I see this as being a small investment for a long term payoff.


Once you have the phone (or vertical) image place it directly in the middle of the frame. Canva is really awesome because they have built-in grid systems which help you to center and align your images.


That’s it for the design portion of our little project. We are now going to save our image as a .png file. I always select .png because the image quality is the best possible for videos and overall. Be sure to name and save the image something you will recognize because we will have to grab this image in the next steps.


How To Take Your Periscope To YouTube |



Make It Transparent


Even though we have our overlay designed we need to remove that ‘screen’ portion of the phone so that our Periscope video will be visible once we insert it during editing. For this I use a site called Lunapic. In addition to having nearly endless photo editing options this site has an awesome way to edit your photos by adding a transparent feature wherever you want.


Once on Lunapic upload your already saved Overlay image from Canva. Select Edit – Transparent..  Then above the image you will see a few more options. From there choose Select Area then where you see the drop-down for Tool select Rectangle. This will allow you to select the screen (the middle portion of the phone) with a straight line and remove it from your overlay. This is where our video will show once we finish our editing process.


How To Take Your Periscope To YouTube |


Save your image to your computer – again be sure you name and save it somewhere safe.


Your Final Editing

Now we are going to move over to iMovie. Again, I am using a MacBook so this is my preferred tool for editing videos but if you have a PC or some other Video Editing Program you should be able to do the same thing I do here. In iMovie create a New Movie and name it however you want your video to appear and load onto YouTube. Import your video clip from Periscope that you sent over earlier.


How To Take Your Periscope To YouTube |


If you have any editing you would like to do to the clip itself go ahead and do that. Once you are done import or grab the final transparent adjusted image we created. Simply add that image to your clip as a Cutaway Image. If you select it as picture in picture or anything else it will not allow your video to show through the screen of our phone overlay. Then adjust the Crop to be Ken Burns Adjust the crop boxes to Start and End in the same places. This is the only way to make sure your video is visible throughout your playback.


 How To Take Your Periscope To YouTube |


After you complete your final edits to suit your Channel and style simply click Share and upload to YouTube.

Once there you will be able to add a customizable thumbnail and that’s it!


Since I am a really visual person I also created a How To Video for YouTube that will walk you through each step of the How To Click-By-Click…



Go On! Tell the world…

*UPDATE* Periscope has been updated to include a Landscape Option! Do you feel you will turn your camera around or continue recording as always? I actually love holding it like a phone but it’s always great to have options! 🙂

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