In Just One

In Just One Call

In just one call everything changed. His life was ending his battle was done. He needed us now. To be there for him the way he’s been all for us from day one.

In just one week we went from saying goodbye to learning he’d lost the battle. Cancer claimed another one.

In just one illness my Grandfather was gone. He fought on his own for over a year. Until the day it became clear, the fighting was over and he hadn’t won.

In just one choice he spared us a lengthy hurt. Less time to worry and more time to love. To spare us? Maybe. To spare himself? I think that may be.

In just one day we made the trip. To pay our respects, give the honor and be living proof of all he strived for through the life he lived.

In Just One Man

My Grandfather was a man who commanded a room with his presence alone. It wasn’t his stature or even a request. He expected respect and would accept no less.

This was a man who was my source. He gave provision, protection, encouragement and more. All a little girl could need or ever want.

He taught me how to balance a check book at 6 and took me to Disney for the very first time. He took me on road trips, apple picking and more. He showed me there was a world beyond my front yard and it could be mine.

He was my everything when I didn’t even know it. He was my foundation a cornerstone the strength behind me here, there, everywhere pushing me forward in life, in love in all the things I could want.

I’m not sure the emotions I’m feeling are true. Pain, sadness, betrayal and even fear. How will I be – now that he is no longer here?

He loved word games, brain teasers and sparking intelligent thought. He challenged me to take learning far beyond any book.

It was through him I saw that learning was more than earning a degree. To learn you had to live a life that went far beyond what you may expect it to be.

In Just One Life

Go – be – do. That’s how he wanted me to live. Embrace all that I was and all that I could give.

To make the most of each moment and each opportunity. He taught me these things from the very start.

From start to finish in his one life he gave me examples and reasons to live to be the best version of myself.

He wanted to leave a legacy. Someone who knew his heart and could be all the things he always wanted to be. Is that me? I’m not sure yet. Will it be? I guess we’ll see.

In Just One Moment

I mourn the man he was. I cry for the memories we will never make. I hurt for the time lost. Yet most of all in this moment I look for the strength to continue to become the woman, wife, mother and friend he was still teaching me to be.

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