It’s Christmas Break…Now What!?!? iMommy To The Rescue!



Christmas break has started and that means the Kiddies are home…All Day!  This is a wonderful thing BUT it can also be the start of the search for things to keep them occupied.  I know as the Momma to 3 Kiddies under age 7 that the “Momma I’m Bored” starts pretty early on.  How can you help make these as far apart as possible?  I have a great solution!  The iMommy App by K&N Ventures, LLC!


The iMommy App is an App that gives your children the ability to care for, feed, clothe and play with their very own animated and full interactive ‘baby’.  This app has been designed with such attention to detail that the baby almost seems real!  All of my younger Kiddies were complete occupied with this App, from my 2 year old to my 6 year old…


The graphics are great and I really liked that you can pick your baby’s ethnicity, hair, clothing, etc.  My Kiddies loved being able to customize how each of their babies looked.  They even got to name them!

Some of the customization available to the iMommy LITE Version include:

eye color

Once they finished customizing our babies my Kiddies were amazed at the cool sounds that were within the App.  When I tell you that the baby sounds like a true live baby…there were times while my Kiddies were playing that I had to check and make sure a baby wasn’t in the house!


Isn’t that the neatest? You can put your baby to sleep, cover them with a blanket, give them a toy and turn out the light!

That’s just one of the options you have to do with your baby. You get to select what room you want to play with your baby in.  The iMommy LITE Version includes:

kitchen, nursery, bath, changing area and



Each room has it’s own accessories and areas that your children can swipe and discovery even more features to.  I won’t share them all because honestly I think I had as much fun discovering what we could do as my Kiddies did!

If you want your Kiddies to be able to explore even more options, clothes, rooms, etc. you can go for the iMommy FULL Version which is reasonable at a cost of only $2.99! avaiolable on iTunes and for Android phones this App is accessible and affordable!

So here’s my advice: if you want a great way to keep your Kiddies occupied a bit during the Holidays while your wrap those last minute gifts, bake those final desserts or even catch a quick nap before you umm Santa makes his appearance the iMommy App is the way to go!


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