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So we are officially about a month into the school year and to say it has been a bit of an adventure would be putting it lightly. My Kiddies are notorious for their logic and twist on everyday things but factor in an entire day at school and sometimes the things I hear are just too much for one Momma to process.  Here are just a few of the tales and stories of my Baby Girlie’s school #KiddieLogic…

#KIddieLogic School Days | MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter.com



1 Week Before School

“Are you sure I really need to do this school thing?”

Yes. I’m sure.

“It’s just because you know they teach all that stuff on TV, right? I really don’t need to leave the house.”


First Day of School

Left home with her standard white uniform polo shirt.

Returns home with a big brown stain on the front of white uniform polo shirt.

What happened?

“The chocolate milk didn’t want to open for me. I had to force it.”


Second Day of School

I successfully bleached out the chocolate milk in time for school the next day

Left home nice white and bright.

Returns home with extra large blue ink stain on previously white and bright uniform polo shirt.

What happened?

“I colored with a marker but had no where to wipe my hands.”


Third Day of School

Gave up on white polo shirt and opted for dark red

Left home clean and full from a with a healthy breakfast.

Returns home still clean! Woot-Woot! BUT…

“Momma guess what happened at breakfast?”

Breakfast? You ate before you left.

“I know but they offered it to me. I couldn’t say no.”

Okay, what happened?

“I poured apple juice on my cereal.”


“I can’t read remember? All the boxes look like milk boxes.”

Umm, yeah I guess so.

“Yeah. I’ll be glad when I get this reading thing down, cereal does not taste good with apple juice.”

Fourth Day of School

Momma guess where we had recess today?


“In the playground. It has sand, look!”

Proceeds to take off shoes and dump a hefty pile of sand on my floor – From. Each. Shoe.

Now we have a sandbox too.

Fifth Day of School

“I think I’m starting to like school a bit. I even made a best friend.”

Really? That’s great. What’s her name?

“Hmmm…I guess I should ask her that huh?”

I am picking some of the jewels of the various things that have been said since we started school but I am sure I will have many more to look forward to moving forward. Mind you, these are only from the 5 year old…LOL


How has your school year been so far?

Any #KiddieLogic stories of your own to tell?

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