#NaBloPoMo | 3 In 1 Introduction Plus Posts 1 & 2!

NaBloPoMo! A Blog Everyday Challenge from BlogHer that builds community, support and skill…follow me as I NaBloPoMo my way through November! I did it last year full of nerves that I wouldn’t make it but I did and this year I can’t wait to get started! Lately I’ve been wanting to get back to writing. Simply writing and NaBloPoMo is the perfect way to do just that! So here we go…let’s get started with a 3 in 1 introduction to NaBloPoMo as well as my posts for Days 1 and 2.

NaBloPoMo November 2015

NaBloPoMo is a monthly Blogging Challenge through BlogHer. It started out years ago as a way to well challenge ourselves as Bloggers to write everyday using different prompts. I learned from last year that writing in this way can be such a learning process. It expands your box – forcing you to write not based only on what may have happened yesterday but on topics you may not have come up with on your own. I had a blast and I know I will do the same this year! Oh and did I mention that you get to connect with a support new Bloggers along the way? Total Bonus! So let’s get started…

Yesterday’s Prompt:

What was the one toy that a friend had that you wished you had when you were little?

“I want one too!”

We’ve all heard it from our kids and other people’s children. That phrase of envy and maybe a bit of jealousy when you see something someone has and suddenly you feel as if time will stop unless you get it too.

What is it that makes it so irresistible? When I was a child it wasn’t even a toy – nope – it was a pink, black and white pair of sneakers that called to me with every step. I saw them everywhere! Okay maybe not everywhere but that’s how it felt. I was 8 and I felt like no outfit, playdate or day would be the same until I had those sneakers on my feet. Now that I look back on them it wasn’t as if they were really special. I’m not even sure they were a Name Brand or anything. It was just the face that all the ‘cool girls’ seemed to have them and well – who doesn’t want to be cool?

Was the cool in the colors, the laces? I don’t know but once I got those sneakers. After weeks of begging, pleading my case and convincing my grandmother I was still the nerd girl except now I had the same sneakers as the cool girls. Did they spot my sneakers across the yard and come running over to accept and embrace me? Not even close. Instead they laughed. Yeah I had the sneakers but apparently I had them 2 weeks after it was cool to wear them.

Moral of the story: Whatever you want…want it for you not because you want it to become or be accepted by anyone else. Most times it won’t last long enough to make that happen anyway.


Today’s Prompt:

What did you think was the coolest job in the world when you were younger? Do you still feel that way now?

Corporate. To me that word was like magic when I was younger. My Aunt. My favorite Aunt who also happened to be my Godmother was a Corporate Secretary. She got to wear some of the coolest and most sophisticated skirts, blouses and shoes…aaah the shoes! So I asked her what she was. What was this dream job she got to go to everyday? A Corporate Secretary. Wow!

That was it. I knew what I wanted to be. I would watch her as she came home and think “I want to be a corporate secretary when I get older so I can look just like that!”  My Aunt was amazing. She was always put together, always seemed so busy but still so prepared. I wanted to be and have it all.

So that was what I worked for. I went through high school and college. I studied business and strived to be that cool Corporate Secretary with the amazing clothes, the busy schedule and the awesome responsibilities that came with it all. I did it too. I was an Administrative Assistant and then a Paralegal (they didn’t call them Corporate Secretary anymore by then). Yet it wasn’t anything like what I imagined. I wanted more. I didn’t want to Assist someone in charge I wanted to be in charge. Somewhere along the line I wanted to be more like J.C. Wiatt (Baby Boom)…I even started calling myself TJ.

I changed my direction. My focus became being more. I wanted the Assistant. I almost made it. I was on my way to being just like my Aunt but even better – I wanted to be in charge. I almost made it but then…

I fell in love, I became a Mom and realized the cool suits, busy schedule and well yes even the shoes weren’t all I wanted. I wanted moments, memories and well to still be in charge. So much like J.C. Wiatt I learned that I could have it all and on my own terms. So Corporate Secretary I’m not BUT Working Mom…that’s a title I can live with just as well.


Do you want to join in on the NaBloPoMo Challenge? Head over to BlogHer and check out how! Sign Up is until November 5th and this year they are offering amazing prizes throughout the challenge including 2 Passes for BlogHer 2016!

Write you tomorrow…

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