NaBloPoMo November {6} – Embrace My Change

Today’s Prompt:

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

When I read this prompt the first thing that came to mind is my inability to change. I am a person who enjoys her routines, habits, organization and order. I readily embrace the comfort found in a list of tasks. The familiar look of what I know needs to be done everyday and a set time and set place. Yet this need for order and stability often bars me from venturing beyond those comforts.

There are times I see others who are so willing to wake up and say “Let’s go do _____!” without a care or thought to what won’t be done that day by doing so. I don’t share that freedom. If Hubby says he wants to do something that strays from my daily norm I am thrown off-balance and out of whack. I feel lost and out of control.  I want to know: How we will recover the next day from what we do this day? Who will do what I am supposed to be doing now? Will tomorrow be overwhelming if I neglect today?

I desire to be loosed of those worries and simply BE. In the moment, the present and the anytime. To allow life to be lived and not live me. This is what I would change about myself…my inability to embrace change and its every nuance to the fullest. Change is good.  Change is growth.  Change is active. Change is movement.  Change is LIFE.




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I don’t want the winds of life to break me.  I want to be able to bend, adjust and recover with what life may throw at me.  Unfortunately that may mean stepping away from my logic, order and plans.  So why not learn instead to bend?  I want to be less rigid and more malleable.  Able to be reshaped if necessary without breaking…without loosing my balance.

I am making baby steps because of my awesome Hubby who seems to live his life in his ‘right now’ moments and thankfully he is willing to drag me away from my ‘what if’ dwellings and take me along for the ride. I think with his help and a bit of determination I will learn how to Embrace My Change…

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