The Perfect Christmas List For Your Budding Artist

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Christmas shopping with a large family is never easy. Christmas shopping with 6 Kiddies who have interests, hobbies and loves that are completely different just makes that a bit more challenging. Thanks to Amazon Prime to help me make the perfect Christmas List for each Kiddie even my 10 year old budding artist.


A Budding Artist

My oldest daughter definitely got a double dose of creativity. She loves everything from music to crafts to drawing. She’s currently taking violin in the school orchestra, a part of her school art club and recently crafter her very own 3 story Hogwarts inspired Art School out of cardboard. To say she has a passion and talent for art is an understatement.

Every year I start the request for Christmas List sometime near the middle of September. This year she announced she didn’t want any toys. This Christmas her wish is to have everything she needs to draw better. From pencils to paint she wants it all. So guess what this Momma’s has been searching for? Art stuff and I think I found some really great deals and unique things to help bring her budding artist’s Christmas dreams into reality.


The How To Of It All

The first things I wanted to get on our list were a few books to help my daughter discover new tips and techniques for how to draw. She has already created a full list of YouTube Channels that help her but I know that she loves to read and these will give her something a bit more tangible to learn from. I also added a few erasers and such because you know – mistakes happen 🙂



Pencils, Pens & Paint

I decided to start with the most important tools for drawing or painting – at least for my little artist. I started searching for the unique first. I always love to be sure I get my Kiddies things that not everyone may have. So I was super excited when I found a leather roll pencils kit. Once I had that I went on the the essentials of different pencils: charcoal, sketch, color, etc. and then moved on to Acrylic Paints in both pen and liquid form. I think with these to start my artist will be able to find her favorite in no time.

Canvas, Pads & Books

I can’t even tell you how many times I have found scraps of paper where my daughter has been sparked with inspiration she just can’t ignore with no where to put it. So that’s part of the reason I decided to get her a few things that will give her the perfect place for her art – no matter where she is.



Store, Organize & Keep

Now after all these thing we’ve added to our list as gifts I knew I also needed to find a way to keep it all in order. That’s when I put my search to work for different things to help create an organized space for her to create and imagine.

Prime, Click & Order

Now that I have my list all I have left to get everything ordered. Thanks to Amazon Prime that is super easy. All I need to do is Add to Cart and all my daughter’s artistic wishes will be shipped and ready to wrap in less than 3 days!

I promise Amazon Prime has saved my Christmas a few times and I plan on letting it be our biggest Santa’s Helper this year as well.  For as little as $99 per year of about $8.25 a month you can enjoy all Amazon Prime has to offer . . .

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