Phonetic Eyewear: Fashion Forward & Tech Savy Style {Giveaway}

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As a Blogger I have been known to spend over 8 hours a day in front of either a computer screen, tablet or phone and that much screen time isn’t easy on my eyes. So when I attended BlogHer this summer and a friend pointed out a pair of amazing Snow Leopard Frames at the Phonetic Eyewear booth I was definitely intrigued. Phonetic Eyewear is definitely a fashion forward eyewear company but that isn’t all that’s awesome about these glasses…they not only look good they are good!

Phonetic Eyewear Pin

I asked a few questions and realized that not only were this cute glasses fashionable but they were Tech Savy! These glasses were developed to help reflect that blue light from the gadgets and devices we all love the most easing eyestrain and avoiding unnecessary damage.


That’s a fact that’s been written about for over 20 years now (by lots of incredibly smart men and women). Another fact? Computers, smart phones, and tablets are part of our everyday life. There’s no way around it, and we think it’s safe to say they’re not going anywhere. Combine these two facts and a problem emerges: Digital Eyestrain.

The lenses we use at Phonetic Eyewear were designed to combat the effects of Digital Eye Strain and alleviate the symptoms associated with Computer Vision Syndrome. Using a proprietary lens coating, we are able to reflect and absorb a portion of the potentially harmful blue light emitted from computers and other backlit devices.

Made of a high quality 1.56-index optical lens, all of our glasses come standard with the blue light reflecting coating and a hard coat to deter scratching and fingerprint smudges.

—Phonetic Eyewear

—Phonetic Eyewear

Phonetic Glasses

I received numerous compliments on them from friends, family and even viewers who noticed them in my videos and Periscopes. It was unanimous – these frames were a hit!

Phonetic Glasses Comment


I have been wearing my Phonetic Glasses for more than a month now using my laptop, tablet and smartphone and with each one the difference in the way my eyes feels has been amazing.


Phonetic Tablet

Why? If you are like me and spend an extended amount of time in front of a screen whether for work, leisure or fun then your eyes need protection and these glasses offer that and look great too!

Phonetic Smartphone

Before these glasses the only solution for tech screen eye strain was to wear yellow gaming glasses which don’t exactly scream fashionable or purchase special computer glasses through your doctor which face it can get a bit pricey. In short, Phonetic Eyewear is the perfect solution to an issue many of us face with our increasing use of technology plus they are come at the perfect style and price.


Check out the Phonetic Eyewear Giveaway Announcement from my Channel


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