The Photo Ladies – Challenge No. 1: Aperture

A couple weeks ago I was blessed enough to be given my first DSLR Camera, a Nikon 5300, to help me tai abetter pictures and improve the quality of my Blog.  My Hubby knew I wanted one and came through with a great one at that.  I loved my camera from the instant I held it BUT at first I wasn’t even sure how to do that.

After a bit of Google research I found out the proper way to hold it – underhanded. Ok, first lesson down.

DSLR Selfie AskAway


After I figured that part out I was just taking pictures in every different setting I could to try to figure out what they all meant.  One of my BloggerBFFs was also learning how to use her new DSLR and she told me about a great way to learn with a group called The Photo Ladies that was being created by Teresa at  I was so grateful (and still am) to have found a place to share my questions, learn some answers and practice all at the same time.

The first two weeks of this month we have been learning Aperture and Depth of Field.  Aperture is a control that sets ho much light is allowed into the lens when taking a photo.  The lessons we are following can be found here and here.

So our first assignment was to take a photo of one non-moving object in 3 different Aperture Settings.  I chose my Buddie’s Avenger’s Collection and decided to take my photos outside to capture the in the best natural light possible.  I took these at around 4:30 in the afternoon.  I have included the camera settings for each photo underneath.  The only editing I did to any of them was to resize to fit my site.  They were resized from 1620×1080 to 600×400.

Photo Ladies Challenge 1

1/4000 ISO400 18mm f/3.5


1/3200 ISO400 30mm f/4.2

The Photo Ladies Aperture 3

1/1600 ISO400 55mm f/5.6

Do you see how with each Aperture settings change the amount of blur to the background and focus to the foreground changes?  THIS is the brilliance of shooting in the Aperture Priority Mode (that’s the little A on your adjustments dial…usually read PASM) which allows you to change your Aperture settings while the camera still adjust everything else.

Do you have a DSLR?  Looking to learn more, be challenge and make new friends along the way?  Join up with The Photo Ladies and do it all! Click The Image below for more information…

The Photo Ladies

PS – The Photo Ladies is on Flickr so you can check out all of our photos from each Challenge.

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