The Photo Ladies – Challenge No. 2 | Shutter Speed

Welcome to Week 2 of the amazing Photo Ladies DSLR Camera lessons!  I am so excited to be a part of this.  I have already used my knowledge from Challenge No. 1 about Aperture to help me take some amazing photos for a few photo challenges and even a few posts.  This is why I couldn’t wait to get a chance to learn something else about my DSLR Camera.

This week’s lesson was focusing on shutter speed.  I was actually happy when I saw the topic because I had tried to play around with it a bit and had little to no success.   If you’d like to get a bit of this lesson be sure to head over to and don’t forget to sign up with Teresa from to be a part of The Photo Ladies!

The Photo Ladies


Now on to my photos from this week’s lesson…this week our challenge was to shoot photos of flowing or running water and try to demonstrate the blurred effect that happens when your Shutter Speed is at a low setting in comparison to the crisp almost ‘frozen in time’ effect that can be achieve with a higher Shutter Speed. I picked a pretty colorful and bright cup to place under my flowing water so that everything could be seen.  I tried to let as much natural light into the room as possible as I was taking the pictures to help as well.

The Photo Ladies Shot 1
ISO 1600 – 27mm – f/10 – 1/60

This was the first shot I took at the lowest Shutter Speed setting.  I could see immediately that the water just appeared as a blur.  You couldn’t see any feral details or anything.

The Photo Ladies Shutter Speed 2
ISO 1600 – 55mm – f/9 – 1/60

This one I went in a bit closer and also changed my f-stop.  You can definitely see that the flowing/running water is no more than a blur.

The photo ladies Shutter speed 3
ISO 1600 – 27mm – f/4 – 1/1000

This was my first shot in the high shutter speed and you can clearly see that the water flow appears to have stopped mid motion as if ‘frozen in time’.  This is going to be such a cool piece of knowledge to have when shooting things like my Kiddies dance or sports activities.  I did have to adjust a bit for the light because once I changed the Shutter Speed I lost a good amount of my light.


The Photo Ladies Shutter Speed
ISO 1600 – 40mm – f/5 – 1/1000

I’m still not sure how to adjust for the lighting but I am playing around with a bit.  Perhaps I will learn that in our next lesson? 😀

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