Coffee Drinkers: #ElevateTheSeason The Bulletproof™ Coffee Way!

  This is dedicated to all my fellow coffee drinkers! Coffee time is our time- it’s when we have those rare ‘just for me‘ moments we all need. Bulletproof™ Coffee gives us a way to keep those moments while offering added health and nutritional benefits! Take a moment, take a sip and let me share how I’ve […]

Coffee Drinkers: #ElevateTheSeason The Bulletproof® Coffee Way! |

#OverCoffee | A Day of Women, Friendship & COFFEE! |

#OverCoffee | A Day of Women, Friendship & COFFEE!

Have you ever met someone and just had a feeling it was meant to be? I’m not talking romance but friendship – true friendship. The kind that you can tell has give and take, potential and possibilities. Those are all the things I knew were possible when I first met […]

ClickChicks DRINK Coffee

#ClickChicks Photo Challenge | DRINK

Okay folks.  This week’s prompt had me a bit stumped which can explain why I’m a bit late getting this post up.  Then I was leaving for School Drop-Offs and realized I wasn’t going to have time for my Coffee until I got back!  AAAAHHHHH!  Needless to say I avoided […]