Lessons Learned |

Lessons Learned. | #NaBloPoMo

Lessons. They come in so many forms: examples, advice, experiences and sometime through silent support. There are times as a child though when we see nothing but the moment we are in and fail to realize that the lesson even exists. I had many of these times but thankfully I […]

It’s The Teen In Them…

So a few weeks ago we celebrated my niece’s graduation and that meant lot’s of family time out at the lake. Loved It! Of course from the looks of this picture TheTeenager and his Cousin (they’re more like brothers) thought they were there for a photo shoot…maybe it’s just the […]

The Teen In Them | #WW

I’ve Been Thinking…

I’ve been thinking a lot lately on how my weeks have gone by Gone past me really without my knowing why. I know that I’ve been there, been involved had my part I’ve bought the gifts, planned the parties, baked dishes from the start. So why this pause and feeling […]