The Blogger Technology Triple Threat +1

This past month has been one full of blessings and struggles.  I guess you can always expect one when you have the other right?  I am blessed to have a husband who not only supports my Blog Life emotionally but financially as well.  He has been there and continues to […]

The Blogger's Triple Threat of Technology +1


RAVPower Blogger Power To Go!

  When RAVPower sent me the Luster Pack I instantly thought hmmm this should be interesting.  I had only ever seen the large square travel chargers and felt they were too large for my style.  So when I saw this amazing compact, cute and convenient sized version with all the […]

The October Daily: Disconnected

Today’s Challenge: Go without something (e.g. phone, twitter) for a day and tell us what it feels like.   Ok, I forgot to look ahead so I only saw what today’s challenge was at around 10:00 am.  So, I disconnected from Twitter from that time until the same time tonight… It. […]