You Went To BlogHer . . . Now What?!?!

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You Did It! You went to your first, second or third BlogHer Conference. You’re home and trying to wrap your head around all that happened. The new friendships, connections, networking, brands –  all of it. Yet How? You went to BlogHer . . . Now What ? ! ? !

#BlogHer17 is my third BlogHer Conference and I am still awed by the recovery mode I’m in when I return home each time. First there’s the realization that you are no longer surround by the one set of people who get this Blog thing you love so much. Then you have to try to go back to being Employee, Mom, Wife, Friend, etc. When in reality all you really want to do is lock yourself in a room and apply all you’ve learned, connect with everyone you met and try to make the most of the networking opportunities you walked away with.

To help you avoid this hermit existence, I’m going to share with you my Now What for the week or so after attending a BlogHer Conference.

Take A Day To Breathe

That’s right. Breathe. Don’t try to jump right back in to things. Just be for at least a day. Have a cup of coffee, watch a favorite show. Decompress. You’ve just come back to reality after 3-4 days of non-stop going, learning and connecting. Give you body and brain a bit of time to come down from the high.



Write It Down

Once you’ve recovered get those words out! If you’re anything like me, you have tons of photos, notes and memories and now is the time to share them. BlogHer loves Recaps and once you get your’s done don’t forget to share, share, share. Once you do that, head over to the Official Going To BlogHer Facebook Group, drop the link and then start supporting all the other Recaps that everyone is writing.


I promise we are about 1 week out and I haven’t read a post that was exactly the same as the last yet. Every person has a different perspective and experience. It’s so fun to read what one person took away from BlogHer and how they choose to express it. I’ve seen posts that are mostly pictures, others that are full of what they learned and others that focus on the connections made. Each one is so fun to read and takes me right back to the moments I loved the most from one of my favorite Conferences.
Here are a few I’ve had a chance to read so far . . .


• Taylor of The Millenial Sprinkle –

6 Surefire Ways To Stand Out At Any Conference Or Networking Event •


Check Your InBox

Remember all those booths and tables you stopped by during the Expo Hall? Well they remember you and 9 out of 10 they are reaching out. So be sure to check your InBox as well as your SPAM box. Brands and Companies will be sending follow-up emails, affiliate invitations, surveys and more!  Oh and don’t just check your email. I received a few messages through both my Facebook and Instagram messages so be sure to check there too!
 Once you start receiving those coveted Brand emails be sure to respond in a timely fashion. If you spoke with them directly during the Expo Hall be sure to mention something you did during your interaction. Remind them why you are unique, memorable and the blog they need to work with! Sell Your Brand!


If you have a few Brands you would like to hear from but aren’t sure you made their radar. Check out the BlogHer App for their contact information. There’s no rule that says you can’t make first contact BUT do your research! No the Brand, their purpose and a bit about that they may want from you as a Blogger. Then write that pitch letter! The worse they can say is No.

Reach Out & Re-Connect!

 All those business cards you collected throughout the conference – go through them! Stop by their blogs, read a bit, get to know the Blog behind the Blogger you met. Take the time to comment or send an email just saying ‘Hi’ and letting them know where you met. Maybe even reference a memory you shared during the Conference.


No it’s not creepy. Trust me. It’s actually really great to hear from someone you spent time with at the Conference. I’ve already received a few messages and was not only pleasantly surprised but flattered. BlogHer for me has always been about the connections I’ve made to other Bloggers that have lasted far beyond the Close Out Party . . .


You Went To BlogHer . . . Now What?!?! |

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