A Double Couch Slumber Party

So this week we were babysitting my 6 month old nephew. Let’s just say I was a bit on the fence as to whether I was completely done ummm ‘filling the roster’ on our Team of Kiddies. Well, after this week I’ve torn the fence down and run to the other side. I’m done. I was so worn out and tired even though Hubby did most of night shifts add to that he took formula and I had no idea how to make it…LOL It’s not any lack of intellect I breastfed all of my Kiddies and making bottles was just not something I ever had to tackle. So there I stood trying to scoop powder into a mini-bottle thinking “no more Kiddies for me”.

I think if I could have one at start from 9 months up I would be great but the infant stage I just don’t think I could do long-term anymore. I was toting baby on my hip while trying to take my 2 year to the bathroom and he was insisting on “doing it like a big boy”…needless to say that didn’t end too well. Ugh! Boys!Then my Girlies thought they were mini-mes and were trying to do everything from feed to change him and well…no happy endings there either. Ok they handled the feeding ok but weren’t too happy at my explaining that only Momma could change the baby.

So, after a few days of feet in our face or falling asleep on the couch Hubby announced we were having – drum roll please – a Couch Slumber Party. Of course my first thought was ‘Huh Whaaaa?’ Yet, my Hubby always has the best Kiddie Fun ideas so I decided to just roll with it. So after a break for a bit of blogging work I came down the stairs to find out couches pushed together face2face and all the kids laid out with blankies and toys watching Boomerang on TV. When they saw me they yelled, “Hi Momma…welcome to our Slumber Party!!!” We stayed up late (my youngest only made it until around 11pm but my older Girlie lasted to around 12:30) and watch cartoons and just relaxed. Another awesome save by Hubby.

This morning all I saw when I got back from the daily dreaded Band Camp Drop-Off all I saw on the couch was a jumble of blankies, legs and arms. Yet I knew they fell asleep with smiles on their faces which after all is what matters right?

Have you ever become a Master of Invention when it came to entertaining your Kiddies? How did it work out?

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