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Now on to my swap.  This week I had a chance to exchange questions with Suzanna from One Hollie Mama.

One Hoolie Mama AskAwayFriday


When you head over to see Suzanna’s place – One Hoolie Mama (which I suggest you do!) you’ll know exactly why she picked the name Hoolie for her site!  She says it is short for Hooligans which includes her baby boy and her fur babies.  She shares tons of fun stories about her New Mommy adventures and her love for her hubby, chocolate, photography and a bit of wine 😉

Now let’s see what the Hoolie Mama had to ask me this week…

Hoolie Mama Questions Image

What was your favorite working-outside-of-the-home job?

I enjoyed all my jobs I had before deciding to Stay At Home with the Kiddies but I would have to say my favorite would be when I was working as an intern Paralegal for a Law Firm.  The firm had 3 Partners who could not have been more different yet somehow they seemed to make it work.  They each had their own area of law they specialized in and I had to work for each of them on different days.  I think the need to learn each of their personalities, likes and dislikes helped to prepare me early on for some of the many different types of bosses you can have in the workforce. I will forever be grateful to all of them.

What has been your favorite place to live?
Hawaii.  Hands down no hesitation. Despite the circumstance for our moving there not being ideal we loved our Aloha home.  The two times I lived there I lived in completely different areas of the island.  The first was an off post situation but it was very close to base which meant not many locals and a lot of military families.  The second time, we moved off post as well but in a totally different area a bit further from base.  We met a lot of local families and got to explore the island a bit more which helped our experience be that much better as well.


You’ve had a bunch of great writing opportunities outside of your blog –
which were you most excited to be asked to do?
Yes.  I have truly been blessed to have had such amazing opportunities so early on.  I think I was most excited for my very first which was with TenToTwenyParenting.  I was honored that someone felt I knew enough about parenting my Teenager to actually want me to share it!  LOL  It is always fun to give people a glimpse into the ups and downs and crazy times of parenting a Teen.


Which are easier to raise, in your opinion, boys or girls?
Wow!  Neither honestly.  They each have their own set of things to face when parenting them.  The same way I could never say The Teenager is easier to raise than Big Girlie.  There are too many differentials and personality traits in play to say one is easier than the other.  When he may irresponsible and she thirst for responsibility, she may be likely to hold grudges and he may be quick to forgive and forget.  
In each sense both are still great kids but my parenting just needs to be focused on different areas for each.  I don’t thin their gender has much influence on this.  Yes, girls can be a bit emotional and boys can be a bit detached but this is not a fact.  It all truly depends on the child.  Especially since my youngest boy is emotional and my oldest girl is a bit more detached and isolated. 


I’m the oldest of 12 myself.  What’s one of you favorite things about having a big family?
Whoa!  You could probably relate to my Hubby. He is 1 of 14 Kids!  Whew! I have a big family but I was raised as an only child so I was used to getting and being the main cause for attention. It had it’s great time and then the other moments when I wished there was someone there to share the blame umm fun with.
A few of my favorite things about having a big family to Momma are:
There is never a dull moment in my home.  Someone is always doing something.
My Kiddies have built in friendships which help them discover new ones outside our home.
I am always guaranteed a great laugh at any moment.
Our memories are always full of different perspectives.


What is your favorite part of blogging?
Connecting with people from all walks of life and with their own unique stories.  I have met so many wonderful Ladies through my Blog that I can relate to, learn from and even share with. It is definitely an amazing community to have the privilege of being a part of.


What do you find the most challenging?
In Blogging? Definitely the scheduling.  It can be really difficult to keep everything in order especially when you have a big family at home to take care of.  When I am visiting friends and their blogs a few minutes can become an hour really quickly so I always have to be aware to not get to caught up.  There must be balance.


If you had to eat one food every day for the rest of your life, what would you pick to eat?

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Aaaaah!  Just one food?  OMGosh how does a #HungryGirl choose?  I would want to consider health benefits and taste.  Hmmm…. Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches?  Does that count as one food or one meal?  LOL


What is one thing that always makes you laugh?
My children’s laughter.  It amazes me every time whether a giggle or a gut busting chuckle I am always amused to see their happiness and how worry free they can be in a moment.


If you had to pick just one thing, what is your favorite thing about your Hubby?
Oh no this just isn’t fair.  LOL If I had to pick a quality it would be his ability to find a solution to nearly any problem. I am always able to rest easy because I know no matter what our family faces he will always find a way for us to come out on the better end of it. If I were picking a physical thing it would definitely be his arms…a hug from him can make all my worries, fears, anxieties disappear.
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16 thoughts on “#AskAwayFriday With Suzanna From One Hoolie Mama

  • Shelly

    mmmmm Good call on the PB&J! That's the second time they've been mentioned today and now I'm craving them even more! My fav is PB with strawberry rhubarb jelly. 😉 Aren't husband hugs the best thing in the world for feeling safe and kiddo giggles the best for putting a smile in your heart?! awwwe!
    My recent post Terrarium Spruce Up

    • MrsTee Post author

      I only eat strawberry jelly/jam!! Everyone else only does grape-means I get the whole jar to myself 🙂

      Yes hugs and giggles are a cute for any bad day…

  • Beth

    It cracks me up that you picked PB&J for your one food!! Makes sense though – protein, some sweet, god balance! 🙂
    And I agree that the scheduling and finding balance with blogging are the greatest challenge – especially when trying to balance the demands of a family as well.
    Have a great weekend!!
    My recent post Ask Away Friday with Rea

    • MrsTee Post author

      LMBO! That’s what I thought when I started to pick it..first I was like oh this is so bad but then I said hey I got all the main stuff covered in one meal! 😀

      Yes, finding balance is a contest struggle and juggling act but I hope I am doing pretty good.

      Have an awesome weekend!

  • tamaralikecamera

    My father ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day of his life! I think that's so funny. I would probably choose an avocado for health (they say you can survive on them at least for some time) but for taste… maybe a big burger with pickles! ha!
    I do wonder if boys or girls are harder. I really think it's individual. Each situation is unique! My son has none of the qualities people warned me about – he's not dirty or destructive or reckless at all.
    My recent post Always Full Of Surprises.

    • MrsTee Post author

      Wow! That\’s awesome! I used to eat them all the time when I was younger…but can you believe NONE of my Kiddies like them!?!? I think it\’s a travesty…a down right disgrace! LOL My youngest Girlies does eat peanut butter on her waffles so I guess that kinda counts…not really! 🙂

      Having both I don\’t really see a difference…could just be my crazy Kiddies…by Girlie is a lot tougher and more aggressive than my son but he can catch an attitude like a true chick… LOL

  • irkedmommy

    Great swap! I love the questions! Your hubby is 1 of 14?! Wow! Also, peanut butter and jelly on Hawaiian rolls? Killer, I love it! Hawaiian Rolls are my FAVORITE bread!
    My recent post Ask Away Friday!

    • MrsTee Post author

      Thanks! Yup…he definitely had a clan! LOL Girl Hawaiian Rolls are THE BESTESTESTESTS! I love them…of course I found them while we were in Hawaii and the ones here are never the same but I eat everything on Hawaiian rolls!

  • Rea

    I grew up with a big family too with all my close relatives living just a block away from us! You're right, there will always be laughter! I just wish I could do the same now for my son. We live far away from home so most of the time, he doesn't have playmates.

    I can only imagine raising a girl as my child. I have a son and everything seems to be fine. Sometimes I have this mindset that little girls are bratty. LOL of course it's not always true! 🙂
    My recent post We Always Love Fridays, Don't We?

    • MrsTee Post author

      Big fails can be such fun! The fun definitely outweighs the over-crowding…lol I also see having a big immediate family as a help with us being military and moving so often. We had built in relatives every where we went… 😉

      I am sure you would raise a girl wonderfully! They can be bratty at times and even a bit diva but their ability to mirror you in so many ways makes up for it 10 fold.

  • ssgannett

    Awesome Q & A! Love the PB & J's! My lil man is much the same, he can eat peanut butter ever single day. LOL! I would love to see Hawaii, I imagine that it is quite beautiful! I absolutely agree about the scheduling being the hardest and getting lost in friends blogs, especially with the chaos and distractions of kids! And you are so right about the laughter of the kids! There is absolutely nothing better! Have a great weekend, Tiffany!
    My recent post #AskAwayFriday with Echo from Domain of the Mad Mommy!

    • MrsTee Post author

      Thanks Stacey! PB&J is my go to and I almost always combine it with some tomato soup. Such a comforting meal. Hawaii should definitely be on a Places To Go list…beautiful!

      Yes, I can loose track of time so quickly. Have an awesome weekend Lovie…Happy #AskAwayFriday 🙂