Dear Marvel,

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We Made It! This past weekend my entire family – Hubby, Kiddies, Bro-In-Laws (2), a Sis-In-Law and of their 2 kiddies – made it to see Marvel | SONY SpiderMan Homecoming! In case you don’t know getting that many people (5 adults and 6 kids) to a movie is a challenge and the fact that we made it just in time to get snacks for all and catch the start of the movie was a major win!

I honestly think I was a bit more excited than all my Kiddies, nieces and nephew combined about finally seeing SpiderMan Homecoming. I have been counting down the days since I caught my first glimpse of it during those 25 minute previews (why are they soooo long?) watching another movie in the theater. I even made sure it was at the very Top of my Must See List for July.

No Spoilers

After grabbing what felt like a million snacks and drinks, we rushed into the theater and grabbed our entire row of seats – 4th row from the front – part of the perks of catching a movie with 11 people. The movie was about 2 minutes in but I still couldn’t resist asking my Hubby (our reigning Marvel Know-It-All) if he thought it was going to live up to the hype. His answer: ‘I’ll see.’ pretty encouraging…LOL

As I watched, I was so happy to see that Marvel stuck to the previews and the glimpse we caught of this version of Spidey in Marvel’s Avengers Captain America: Civil War. I loved how Tom Holland brought the teenager curiosity, innocence and excitement as part of who Peter Parker is. It reminded me of the Spidey I grew to love as a kid.

I must admit I was a bit anxious to see how Tony Stark would act as a Mentor for Spidey. From  his new high-tech suit to a bit of ‘great power great responsibility’ type advice along the way. It was super fun seeing them interact and Peter’s reaction to Tony’s trying to adult. Like the heading said – No Spoilers – so if you want to know exactly how Tony’s adulting took place you’ll have to go see SpiderMan Homecoming for yourself.

He Said That

I think we were about 15 minutes away from the end of the movie. I had that build up of excitement for the end credits because I mean every Marvel fan knows – don’t leave just because the credits roll. There’s always more! I was sitting there soaking in all the awesomeness of Tony Stark when he uttered a sentence that stuck with me for the rest of the night and the next few days. . .

“Behind this door lies a room full of reporters – real ones – not bloggers.”

Tony Stark – SuperMan Homecoming

Yup. He said that! Can I just tell you? I literally gasped! My Hubby who was sitting to my right and my oldest son who was on his right both looked at me – and busted out laughing! I gave them a look of disgust, tried to contain my annoyance and focus on the rest of the movie but I couldn’t.

Did he seriously just say that? Not bloggers? What in the world? The line itself served no true purpose. They could have placed a period after reporters but instead decided to add that in.. Why? I didn’t get it. I still don’t get it.

Marvel Super Fan

Marvel Super Fan. That’s right. That’s me. If you know me at all in real life or on the inter-web you know that comics and the way Marvel brings them to the big screen is something that is major for me. I follow them, write about them, tweet about them and hey I even had the chance to create a Marvel Characters Quiz for one of my favorite Blog Communities. So why then did it just feel like Marvel just sucked all my blogger mojo right outta me with one sentence?

Sitting there waiting for the credits to roll, all I could think about was why would they add in that line? Marvel that is. So why Marvel? Why this dig against the very set of people who have supported you in so many unique ways through so many other movies? Ways you have seemed to value in the past.


I walked out of the theater composing a post in my head. It’s what I do. I feel. I react. I write. I knew that what I felt needed to be expressed and that’s my best way. First I did a quick Tweet and Facebook Post. Did anyone else know this line was in the movie? Was I the only one slightly offended?



Soon I received a notification of a comment from a fellow blogger  – Aaronica Coll of TheCrunchyMommy . . .


No, I hadn’t seen Christa’s post – oh but once I did – It wasn’t just me! Other bloggers were reacting to the slight handed out in that one liner by Tony Stark too.

#BehindThisDoor was becoming more than just a singular reaction. As of the date of her publish the hashtag had reached over 700,000 accounts and had over 2.9 million impressions. That’s a lot!

More Than One Side

Once I saw Christa’s post I made quick edit to my posts to include the hashtag – I wanted the other bloggers to know they weren’t alone. I went and took a look at all the other Bloggers reacting and responding through their writing. There were so many. Still, as I scrolled I realized that not all were offended. Some were amused and even felt that the one-liner was no big deal. That we were the ones being a bit over-dramatic.

Janice from An Open Suitcase says this:

I actually LOL’d at this one – in a good way. I agree with Janice 100%. I doubt this line by Tony Stark was something the writers plotted or planned. I really don’t. I don’t think Marvel has it out for us. I will still support them and continue to be a fan after this movie and after this post. I think the motivation for my reaction – for this post – is to express how I feel. How that statement made me feel. To let Marvel know that even a quick one-liner in a movie can have an impact and it doesn’t go un-noticed.

Dawn of Eat Play Rock says:

“I am not a journalist. I did not go to journalism school, nor did I get a journalism degree. I also do not work for a reputable paper or news organization that is held to what I think is a higher standard than what bloggers should be held to. “

As I read, I took in the points these other Bloggers made. I mean, like Dawn, I’m not a reporter. I did not go to school for journalism. I don’t have a degree BUT I do have my name listed as Author on several reputable online publications. I am held to a standard for the content I produce by the FTC as well as the Brands and Companies I partner with as a Blogger. I have worked for and covered events as a blogger for my city and done it with amazing results. Does this mean the word-for-word impact of Tony Stark’s line should not really offend me. Hmmm?

I love how BloggerTenorDad puts it:

Because honestly, the reason people think that bloggers put out self-serving crap all the time, is because a lot of bloggers put out self-serving crap all the time.

Not all bloggers. #notallbloggers

But the fact remains that blogs are platforms available to anyone. The high quality, and the low quality. The truth tellers, and the liars. The reporters and the hacks. The corporate shills, and the independent voices railing against the system. It is awesome, and scary, and democratic, and individualistic, and, as far as I have seen, a wonderful and fulfilling thing for people to do.

But we ain’t reporters, most of us. And we ain’t journalists. And we shouldn’t be.

Of course you should take all of this with a grain of salt. No one fact-checked it. After all, I’m a blogger, and I’m loving it.

I’m with him. Blogging is a platform open to all. Yet to establish yourself as reputable those of us who want it to be more than just that have worked hard. Fought stereotypes and pushed forward into a place where our Blog has become our Brand.

He’s right, at times we react to things based on what truth it may ring to us personally. I think my gut reaction came when after hearing that one line I was forced to deal with friends, family members and perfect strangers who feel because it was said in a Marvel movie it’s a fact. That all I work to do as a Blogger is instantly minimized to nothing more than an online journal – a hobby.

This has been my battle throughout my blogger journey (it’s a struggle ya’ll) – so does this one line make that any different? Is my offense stemming from that ongoing battle and not the line itself? I’m not sure yet but I do know it didn’t help things.

Dear Marvel,

So that’s why I write. Here and now. This is to be my reaction to what I felt as a Blogger in that moment. I realize it was a movie, Tony stark is a fictional character and Marvel doesn’t hate me. I do. I admire every Blogger who has voiced their feeling for and against the line. The truth remains: everyone has their own opinions and each one is entitled to their own reactions.

This is mine. My honest reaction and opinion. Nothing more nothing less. That’s part of why we all Blog right? I mean in every disclosure we give we clearly state – this is my honest opinion. We write, share and publish to offer our unbiased and honest thoughts on events, products, things and more. Whether for money or the simple satisfaction of doing it – we’re here, we blog. So here are a few things I would love to say to Marvel if I had the chance. . .

Am I still a Marvel fan? Yes.

Will I see another Marvel movie? Yes.

If I get an invite for a Marvel event will I attend HECK YES! *Okay, sorry got a bit excited there. I mean. Yes.

Here’s the thing. In the days after that one line from Tony, I had to explain to my Hubby, my son and others why I Blog. Even Tony Stark didn’t get it – they said. Bloggers aren’t real reporters. So maybe we aren’t the real reporters #BehindThisDoor BUT . . .

I, like most other Bloggers, report on what’s happening around us. Whether it be through writing, photography or social media – we share, impact and interact with the world around us. What we say makes a difference and how we say it matters.

I, like most other Bloggers, put in long hours, much research and many sacrificed days to be sure what I produce is accurate and true.

I, like most other Bloggers, take pride in who I am and what I do.

That’s why I say . . .

Dear Marvel,


Don’t discount the people who have supported you through our talents, enthusiasm, support and hard work. We are real and all we want is the credit and respect deserved for what we do.




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Dear Marvel, |


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Tiffany is the ‘ Tee’ behind TheMrsTee – a Lifestyle Blog created as a place to share her love of all things Faith, Family, Fashion, Food, Fun, Tech & Travel. Tiffany has established her influence within both the Blogging & Vlogging Communities. As a Brand Ambassador, Tiffany has the opportunity to promote and support the brands she loves the most with her own unique perspective. Tiffany has extended her presence beyond her URL to Television as a Panelist for the MomsEveryday TV Show for 2 Seasons and to the stage as a Cast Member of the Finale Season of The Listen To Your Mother Show. A 2016 BlogHer VOTY Award Honoree, Contributing Author with Modern Social f/k/a iBlog Magazine and BlogHer. Growing herself as a Brand and Influencer are always at the center of Tiffany’s passion.

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42 thoughts on “Dear Marvel,

  • Adeyemisi

    I can’t really pick offense in what the actor said, maybe because I know it’s their own way of making ‘we bloggers’ promote them, they know how much we work hard to create awareness to stuffs… And here we are doing it😂

    • TheMrsTee Post author

      It very well could be a pr tactic and if it was I suppose it worked but something in me still doesn’t sit easy with the line. I’m getting over it though – promise 😉

  • Joyce Brewer

    I’m a journalist and a blogger. There’s a HUGE difference between the two.
    I don’t get the motivation behind the line in the movie – except to take a dig at blogger – which as you point out – promote these Marvel movies a lot.

  • Chandresh

    Yes , We took our 3 year old kid to the movie . The drama off-screen was much more funnier than on screen . But Spider-man is the fav. superhero of our kid , so it was must watch for all

  • lisa

    I haven’t seen the movie either. Were going next week. I wonder why they felt they had to say anything about bloggers. Maybe they knew it would find it’s way on the internet and then people would go see the movie just to see for themselves what was said. Idk.

    • TheMrsTee Post author

      If you’re a Marvel comic fan than you’re gonna love the movie! I have nothing against the movie itself just that comment.. Lisa, I think that could have been a true motive. If so, it definitely worked. 🙂

  • Nikki

    I have so many feelings about this. In response to some of the feedback, I actually DID go to journalism school. I was ONE class away from a degree, but that’s not the point. I would rather be “just a blogger” than work for a large paper and have someone else dictate what I write. That said, I’m not super offended by the line because I think the writers were talking more about news bloggers. You know, the ones that write “shocking” click-bait headlines and make stuff up as they go along? They definitely give the rest of bloggers a bad name!

    • TheMrsTee Post author

      It’s definitely a touchy subject for many Bloggers at this point. Like a fresh wound. See! That’s the other thing Nikki, many Bloggers do have degrees! If not in journalism in marketing, business administration, social media, programming or design. The list can go on forever. The skill set for Blogging is so expansive and far to broad to be judged in that way. Aaah – those Bloggers. Yes, I could see that as well. Great point!

  • Kelsey Baldwin

    I really enjoyed Spiderman: The homecoming as well! I thought it did a great job of sticking to the essence of spiderman and my boyfriend (a huge Marvel fan too) loved it! Tony Stark’s comment about bloggers made me laugh and said “no he didn’t” at the same time! I am a blogger and it was a slight dig! Took nothing from the movie though!

    • TheMrsTee Post author

      The movie was awesome and I would still recommend any Marvel fan to see it. Yes I totally et it Kelsey… it was like a mixed reaction. No agreed – movie was still great.

  • Jenn

    Sometimes I think movies do it for a kick back in a way we wouldnt think of…Bloggers are allowed to be 100% honest unlike reporters (no shame, they have major companies to satisfy) where we have our readers and ourselves to satisfy. We have learned that in the blogging world honesty is normally best and major movies/companies dont always like that. If we dont like something we simply call them out. No matter how nicely you put that something didnt meet your needs or expectations there are going to be companies and people who will try to discredit blogging to save themselves. Which made them put this line in….one to be funny since there are so many bloggers and two to save themselves if someone in the blogging world doesnt like it.
    So I just laugh things like this off and move on. Everyone has their opinion.

    • TheMrsTee Post author

      A few others have said the same thing Jenn. I honestly didn’t think of that initially but now I could see that being a motive for sure. A sneaky PR stunt. You’re right though – our perspective is unique to that of a journalist because we owe no obligation to anyone other than ourselves. Our opinion is what sets us apart. It’s what works. Thanks so much for such a insightful comment Jenn – really made me see thing from another side.

  • Dominique

    I already mentioned it on your instagram, but I’m wondering if they were just being “clever” with that comment… knowing they would get a ton of free publicity from all the bloggers who were outraged mentioning it…!

    Just on that point about bloggers not having qualifications or whatever I would tend to disagree. I have 3 qualifications in psychology and education and a lot of what I write is researched through journals and my experiences in practice (I also had my thesis published in a peer-reviewed medical journal way before I became a blogger). I know plenty of other bloggers in my niche who also have similar backgrounds, so to assume that bloggers don’t have any kind of background qualifications is kind of insulting.

    • TheMrsTee Post author

      Hi Dominique!! Yes, I was just gonna answer over there. I think you may be on to something there. They may have been playing a bit of a get the fire going game… hmmm. Something to consider for sure.

      Yes! I don’t agree that simply because you Blog you have no qualifications. Blogging takes more than a laptop and some time. I personally have a Business Degree which helps me a lot. I did see the point in not being a ‘journalist’ but that isn’t all it takes for what we do – not at all. That is an assumption the should never be made…

      • Dominique

        Yes for sure! It is a shame people don’t take bloggers more seriously or understand that many of us do have qualifications and come from a range of backgrounds.

        On that point… not all journalists research their stories well either 😉

  • Kim

    Slightly offended. Some of us, although not real reporters because we did not go to school for journalism, at times do a better job at reporting and fact checking. Plus, who does the entertainment industry rely on the most for reviews? This won’t stop me from seeing the movie though lol

    • TheMrsTee Post author

      Yes. Journalism is only one aspect of Blogging. There is so much more to it than that. Marketing, Consumer Relations, Business Management, Coding, Computer Programming… it’s such a broad spectrum of skills and requirements needed.

      Again you’re speaking truth! Bloggers have become the go-to source for many huge brands and campaigns and not just on our domains. I have seen more Bloggers in commercials than a little bit. They need not to sleep on us! That’s for sure.

  • Jessica@HappilyHughes

    There is simply no reason for Marvel to take a shot at bloggers in this way, at least not that I can see! I don’t understand how this even enhances the movie or what the possible reason for doing this unless it was to rile a lot of bloggers to get publicity?

    • TheMrsTee Post author

      Hi Jessica! That was my point exactly. I just don’t see the reasoning behind it. THAT! Another Blogger suggested the same thing. That perhaps it was a sneaky publicity plan… if so – well played Marvel. Well Played.

  • Tracie

    I saw the movie and loved it! And although I’ve pulled back on the blogging front, I admit my mouth dropped open when Tony Stark made that comment. But I think Tony’s character (Iron Man is actually in my Top 5) is an arrogant, flippant man with a huge ego. Sometimes he thinks he is infallible because of his stature. He’s ALWAYS saying something controversial. Now back to the “real” world I think some people might feel a certain kind of way (ahem, jealous) because bloggers have become so influential and their followers often look to them for news, gossip and reviews before they turn to what some may feel are more “credible” sources. I don’t know that it was really meant as a slight but I can see how it struck a nerve in many hard working bloggers. When you think about it though…a lot bloggers are putting in some serious work and showing up in rooms where previously only “real journalist” were invited. Take it with a grain of salt, Tony (and Marvel) know what we’ve always known: bloggers are low key running the world! Lol!

    • TheMrsTee Post author

      Yay! I totally loved the movie too. I knew I would because I am a total Marvel Geek it wasn’t until that one line…LOL

      You’re right Tony’s character is one expected to say things just like that. So I can see why it came from him. The part that confused me was why – in a comment above Dominique suggested that perhaps this was actually a sly promotional stunt. Tick a Blogger off get even more promotion…

      I agree – we are definitely becoming their better option simply because of our more natural and organic appeal to audiences. We are them and they relate to us a bit more.

      It’s okay. We always prove them wrong anyway.