Dressing Room Escape

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I love shopping. I do. The thing is I’m one of those quick, fast and in a hurry kinda shoppers. Meaning I normally already have a clear idea of what I’m looking for and it’s just a matter of price, fit and buy. So last week when I went searching for a ‘casual cocktail‘ dress for an event I never thought I’d find myself stuck in a dressing room praying for an escape.

Straight for the dot . . .

That’s right. Stuck. In a dressing room. It happened. I headed to my favorite spot for dresses – Target. I can always count on the red dot for a unique dress most times for under $30. I walked in and spotted 2 dresses I knew fit the visions I had in my head.

I grabbed the dresses in 2 sizes: small and medium. Why? Well let’s just say recent birthdays and growth spurts (yes, that’s what I want to call them) have lead to a bit of uncertainty in my size. So I always grab both – just in case. Off to the dressing room I go!

Side zipper anyone?

I tried on the first one. Getting into it was pretty easy in both sizes. I felt like the medium worked better but something about it just didn’t feel right. Things were just too exposed. It was a spaghetti strapped number and just didn’t feel like my style. On to the next choice. This one had more coverage and I loved the color!

I stood there looking at the dress. I knew it should fit. It was a size above the last one. I search the dress. No zipper. Okay. There has to be a way into this thing. This is crazy!


I should’ve sensed something was up when I tried to get into the thing by stepping in and couldn’t make it. I kept trying. Things were too snug. I got half-way in and decided to retreat. Let’s try this a different way.

I put the dress over my head.

One arm up – almost there.

Next arm.


Oh No.


I’m in!

The dress looked great. The color was perfect and the fit was really good. It was comfy, unique and stylish. I wanted it. Okay. Cool. Now to make the purchase. That meant I needed to take it off.

Over my head was the only way to go.

Arms up!

Shift, shimmy.


This thing isn’t budging.

Hold on.




Wait! Was that a stitch??!?!


I’m gonna destroy the dress and still have to pay for it! WTHeck!?!?!?

I’m sweating! Jesus! Lawd be a stretch . . .

After about five minutes of debating whether to call someone into that dressing room to help me. Standing there wondering how this could be happening and finally whispering a little prayer to help me – I got out of the dress!

Thank God!

I called the Hubby and asked him to give me his opinion on which of the two dresses (I’d sent him pictures before getting stuck) I should get. He picked the death trap dress. Thing was – I liked that one too. I quickly gave him a recap of my recent escape from said dress and explained if I got that one it would be up to him to help me get out of it after my event. He agreed.

I still got the dress

Yeah. I know. Why would I buy a dress that held me captive in a dressing room for nearly 15 minutes? Because it looked great that’s why!


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See!! The dress was awesome. I’ve gotten nothing but compliments on the color, style, look – all of it. No one needed to know the fear I had ahead of me that night as I tried to get out of it. Thanks to Hubby both I and the dressed survived to dance another day!

After sharing my #ThatMomentWhen on Facebook fellow Blogger Melissa shared that she too had a ‘stuck in a dress’ moment and in true Blogger fashion – wrote all about it. Check out her story HERE!


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