My 7 Favorite Facebook Groups For Community & Motivation

Facebook Groups have become one of the main ways for me to grow my blog community and gain motivation to push forward in this pursuit of blogging. Today I’m going to share my 7 favorite Facebook groups that have given me support, insight and knowledge through their admins and membership.

Finding The Right Fit

Many times I have been approached by Bloggers starting off: How can I grow my site? How can I increase my engagement? How do I get my blog out there?  Most often my answer is through a Facebook Group. Facebook groups are one of the easiest and fastest ways to not only give your site exposure but to begin to interact with other Bloggers. Bloggers who have similar goals, passions and even interests as you.

There’s something about finding your true fit in a group – that group of people who get what it is you are trying to do and are willing to help you do just that. That’s what I have found in Facebook Groups – tribes of motivated, enthused, knowledgable and strong people all working to make the passions a reality while helping me do the same.

In finding your tribe through a Facebook group you need to be selective. Don’t join every suggested group you see in your feed or sidebar. There are several things I do before you join a Facebook Group:

Read the Description

What is the group’s purpose? Why was it created? Who created it? Is this group about support through knowledge, thread, sharing? These are all most likely disclosed within the description.

How Active Is It?

If the Discussion is open (some groups are closed until you join) take a look around. How often do they post? Is it active or are posts every once in a while? If you want a group that will truly be beneficial to you and your site be sure it’s active at least once a week.

What are the Group’s Tags?

When a Facebook group is created the Admin are able to designate TAGS – this can let you know what that groups target membership is. Whether it be Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Content Creators, Consultants, Business, Personal Development, Lifestyle – the options are nearly endless but seeing what has been selected can give you an idea of what to expect as a member.

Who Do You Know?

Take a look at the current members of the group. Do you see any familiar names or faces? Ask them how they feel about the group. This is a great way to get the insider tips on groups that may be closed until you join. Knowing as much as you can will help you be certain which Facebook groups are a good fit for where you are now, where you want to be and how to support you once you get there.

How To Be My Favorite Facebook Group

Okay. So now that we’ve got that said here is what I promised- my 7 favorite Facebook groups. What makes a group qualify as my favorite? A true sense of community, goals that help guide me to a place of growth in my blog and business, encouragement that is less about the numbers and more about who I am.

Boss Mom Movement

Created by Dana of BossMom this is one of the largest groups I belong too yet it is also one that I can always count on for a sense of community and a wealth of knowledge. I think the first thing that attracted me to this group was Dana herself. Her personality is captivated and she instantly makes you feel welcome!

From her Intro to the Group video to her willingness to help you with anything you may just be ‘stuck’ on this group is one that has grown in big part to the sense of community Dana has managed to create despite of it’s size.

Join HERE!


Courage To Earn

Courage To Earn – The Community Facebook Group is an extension of the Courage To Earn Page. This community was started by Blogger and Entrepreneur Brandi Riley (MamaKnowsItAll). Since joining this community I have come to know it as a place for Bloggers to come together and get past their fears, hesitations and disbelief in their abilities to earn with the talents they have as Bloggers.

Brandi not only shares her knowledge on how to run a successful blog while still earning an income but she shares the encouragement you need to do it. Along with the Admins of the group Amiryah of Four Hats and Frugal and Micehelle of Divas With A Purpose Courage To Earn has been able to assist Bloggers to challenge themselves in every way.

The thing I love most about this group is the fact that there is no boundary to where any of the members or Admins will go to help you find an answer or path to help you reach the next level of earning in your dreams.

Join HERE!


That Pitch Life

That Pitch Life was created by Krystel Spell of SoFluential & ArmyWife101. As a Blogger who has been behind the keyboard and the desk of multiple successful Blogs and Brands, Krystel is well qualified to help Bloggers give themselves the edge they need for that Perfect Pitch!

From Guides and E-Books to first hand information, Krystel and her Admins Angela of MommyPR and Shelly of MomFiles all make sure that information is given freely. Whether you’re looking for that hidden PR Contact for your dream Brand partnership or tips on how to word your very first Pitch Letter you can find it all here.

Members have often posted their praise and happiness for how this group is about more than numbers but about true growth and community as well.

Join HERE!


Totally ProFesh

As the name implies Totally ProFesh is a group all about adding a bit of fun into the professional side of Blogging, Content Creating and More! Jessi of Shuggilippo and Amy of MomSpark are like the dynamic duo of funny and professional ambition. When I stumbled upon this group I knew it was one I needed to be a part of.

Totally ProFesh is an inclusive and warm place for all.

Jessi & Amy

From real life pro tips on everything from videos to pitching these girls make sure that every member has the tools they need to be Totally ProFesh!

Join HERE!


Lifestyle (Re)Design Lounge

Lifestyle (Re)Design Lounge – the name alone should be a hint that this group is all about doing things differently. Creator, Dani of OKDani offers daily motivations, challenges and encouragement to help each ember grow into the Blogger, Creator and Entrepreneur they’re destined to become.

Each day I know I’ll find a bit of a pick me up whether I’m trying to climb over a writer’s block or work up the nerve to approach the next Brand about that big campaign – Dani makes sure her entire community knows and feels the uplift to help them (Re)Design their Lifestyles.

Join HERE!


Let’s Collab Blogging & Networking

Let’s Collab is one of the more recent groups I’ve joined. It’s created by one of my Blogger pals. I’ve seriously known her since the start and she has recently started to establish a community based on building your own community.

Like many of us, Herchel of Gym Craft Laundry, realized that the best way to help grow your Blog is to grow your connections and that’s what Let’s Collab is all about. I love how Herchel has taken her experience with starting her Blog and created a place where that can not only be shared but added to by other Bloggers.

Join HERE!


INTRODUCING. . .Tips To Blog By

This last group is a shameless plug. Tips To Blog By is a Facebook Group I am launching to help support both my TheMrsTee and Blog & Brand Consultation communities. As my Group Description states:

This Group is all about creating a place of community, shared knowledge and most of all support.

#TipsToBlogBy is created as a place to ask the questions that Google can’t answer. Here you can share and learn from fellow Bloggers who have been there and done that.

I would love to have invite each of you to help me build and grow this community into one that can claim a place among the other amazing communities and groups that work each day to help Bloggers and Entrepreneurs find the Community and Motivation they each need.


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