Picture It… Thanksgiving, Hawaii 2008…

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Picture It…

Thanksgiving, Hawaii, 2008. I’m 9 months pregnant and my husband announces he’s invited all his soldiers over for thanksgiving dinner.

Great. Not only was this my first Thanksgiving cooking the entire meal by myself but it was now going to be taste tested by 15-20 hungry soldiers.

Menu Changes

Now we aren’t the typical Thanksgiving Dinner kinda family. My Husband was raised eating ziti chicken Parm and salad for thanksgiving. I was raised in a strictly soul food diet. So we decided to combine the best of both worlds. My menu would be ziti garlic bread salad Mac and cheese collard greens rolls cornbread and salad.

I made a 911 call to my Aunts in North Carolina for recipes and then headed to the grocery store. Hubby in tow I told him I would handle everything except the turkey. That would be all his. He agreed and we started filling our carts.

What Was I Thinking?

After an all night food prep session on swollen preggo feet I realized the turkey was still in the freezer and the hubby was still at work. We were at the 12 hour mark and it looked like the turkey was going to end up my project as well.

I thawed it according to the instructions I found on Google (probably my first mistake). Slathered it in butter (mistake number 2 folks) and a few random poultry seasonings (can we say 3?) stuck it in the oven and hoped for the best.

Lets just say the best isn’t what I pulled outta that oven a few hours later. Nope. Instead it was a beautifully gold brown turkey until I sliced it and discovered the sickening shade of pink inside. Needless to say thanksgiving that year ended up being way more chicken than turkey.

I’m not sure what went wrong (okay I have an idea) but I’ve definitely learned better. I haven’t tried to pull off a full Thanksgiving dinner while 9 months preggers since then. Oh and from that year on turkey was and still is my Hubby’s responsibility and he rocks it!


In case you didn’t catch my Golden Girls Sophia reference in my title and meme… here’s a great clip for ya! *yeah I may be aging myself a bit but it’s okay…It’s The Golden Girls!! 🙂


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