Discovering My Power Through Others | Empowered Women Empower 2017 Presented By R.Riveter

Empowered Women Empower. Three words – Huge Statement! Empower – ¹give (someone) the authority or power to do something. ²make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights. Basically these three words express how women who have already been given authority, made stronger, more confident in their own lives and claimed their rights are now giving that gift of power to others. This is Empowered Women Empower 2017 Presented By R.Riveter!

Discovering My Power Through Others | Empowered Women Empower 2017 Presented By R.Riveter |

You’re Invited

When I first received the invitation to this event I was a bit hesitant to attend. It didn’t seem to be Blogger focused and although I consider myself a budding entrepreneur I wasn’t sure where I would fit in among what seemed to be this collection of well-established business woman. I think I visited that invite at least 5 times before I simply told myself to do it. I clicked the ticket button with the thought that if I left with nothing more than a few new friends it would be well worth the $10 investment. Let’s just say I left with that and then some!


The moment I walked into The Sweet Palette in Downtown Fayetteville where Women Empowered Women was being hosted I felt welcomed. I was greeted by Coordinator and Host, Brittany McNeal the Blogger behind MarzOnTheMove. I met and started talking with Brittany online but this was our very first face-to-face meeting. At times it can be a toss up when you meet an online friend in person. They can either be exactly the same or things can go a bit differently. I was so happy to feel the same sense of friendship as I did when we chatted online. Brittany gave me the layout of the event as well as my always coveted Badge, Lanyard and Swag Bag!


Tell me I’m not the only person who gets Super Excited for lanyards and badges with my name on them… “That’s Me – TheMrsTee” ? #EmpoweredWomenEmpower #RRiveterBags #MilSpouse #TheSweetPalette #milspousepreneur #milspouseowned #Empowerment #womenempowerment #womensempowerment #empowermentevents #femalempowerment #Blog #Blogger #BlogLife #FayettevilleNC ##MyFayetteville #MyNC #NC #NCBlogger #NCBloggers #LifestyleBlogger #SouthernBlogger #TheMrsTee

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With her permission, I was able to record and share a lot of the day and you can check the video out in full near the end of this post. As I walked the venue all I could hear were women connecting with women. The event hadn’t even started but the empowerment of others could already be felt. I over-heard women sharing their businesses and offering to support others in theirs. It was amazing. I had a mini ‘aha‘ moment and realized that the decision to come had been the right one.

Need To Know . .

That’s when I spotted – and was spotted by – the awesome Dr. Patrice J. Carter the Keynote Speaker for the day. She gave me a hug that was closer to a reunion with a friend that the first meeting of an online connection. After chatting with her a bit I realized she has actually been following me (little ol’ me) nearly from the start of my online presence. It was not only a bit surreal but encouraging. There are moments in this Blog Life journey when I feel like I may be treading water. I often wonder if the hobby turned passion turned business is having the impact I envision. Then I meet people like Patrice, who seem to have the prefect spark to reignite that fire I sometimes see as burning out.


Got my #Selfie with our Keynote Speaker @drpatricecarter – she’s like meeting an old friend for the first time. ? *Check the glasses….? #EmpoweredWomenEmpower #RRiveterBags #MilSpouse #TheSweetPalette #milspousepreneur #milspouseowned #Empowerment #womenempowerment #womensempowerment #empowermentevents #femalempowerment #Blog #Blogger #BlogLife #FayettevilleNC ##MyFayetteville #MyNC #NC #NCBlogger #NCBloggers #LifestyleBlogger #SouthernBlogger #TheMrsTee

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I think R.Riveter CoFounder – Cameron Cruse summed it up best in her introduction for Patrice when she told us how much we needed to know Patrice J. Carter.

“She Will Make You Better”


Triple Threat

Before Patrice shared her story and answered all our questions we had the chance to take part in 3 spectacular Breakout Sessions!

Courage Over Comfort with Abi Ray | Legacy Magazine

Your Natural Strength with Katie Christy | Activate Your Talent

Making A First Impression with Leslie Brians | Leslie Brians Designs & Independent


Our amazing panel of speakers. . . @lesliebriansdesign @legacymag @activateyourtalent ? #EmpoweredWomenEmpower #RRiveterBags #MilSpouse #TheSweetPalette #milspousepreneur #milspouseowned #Empowerment #womenempowerment #womensempowerment #empowermentevents #femalempowerment #Blog #Blogger #BlogLife #FayettevilleNC #MyFayetteville #MyNC #NC #NCBlogger #NCBloggers #LifestyleBlogger #SouthernBlogger #TheMrsTee

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The Breakout Sessions allowed me to interact and share parts of my story plus learn from the stories of the other women around me. I found myself feeling recharged and encouraged as I moved from each session. To know that I don’t have to be merely a Wife and Mother. I have the right and power within me to be so much more. All things more I want to be – business woman, business owner and entrepreneur! I have the strength of every woman around me to draw from. This day, these women left me with an understanding that I too am an Empowered Woman and I will pass that on to those around me as well.



Wish You Were There…

Take a look at Empowered Women Empower 2017 Presented By R.Riveter from my point of view . .



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