Goal Check: Become An R.Riveter #BagsOnAMission Brand Ambassador


Every year I set goals for myself. This year my main goal was to live, work and dream without limits you know those boundaries we tend to set on ourselves. Well this year I wanted to let all of those go and one of the first steps towards that for me was to become a Brand Ambassador.
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Take The Risk

Being a Blogger means learning how to put yourself out there yet that’s always been hard for me. I like plans, logic and guaranteed results. Risks are scary for me. Applying for positions, campaigns and opportunities you want so bad you can almost taste it all while knowing you’re going up against other Bloggers with bigger numbers, greater reach, more experience. It’s the very definition of Risk. The situation makes it so easy to fall into self-doubt – if you let it!


I had a few brands in mind when I thought of Ambassadorships and at the top of that list was R.Riveter. I learned of this company for the first time about 2 years ago through my partnership with SoFluential – a military spouse owned and focused blog community. They were looking for Bloggers to work on a campaign and I wanted in.

Why R.Riveter

R.Riveter is based here in North Carolina and owned by military spouses. From everything I learned about them I wanted to be a part of where they were going in whatever way possible. I wasn’t selected at that time but knew I still wanted to work with the someday, somehow.


I stayed in the loop on what they were doing by following them across their social media networks. This was a great way to keep my ear to the ground for all they were accomplishing over the next few years. I cheered them on as they  shared their mission on Shark Tank, sat front and center when they hosted the Empowered Women Empower Event right here in Fayetteville and gave further support in whatever way I could from Re-Tweets to Shares.
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Goal Check!

Fast forward to last week. I received a message from. A friend showing me an R.Riveter Instagram post calling for Ambassador Applicants. I had no idea how I missed it since I stalk I mean follow them and have notifications set for their posts. I jumped over to the site and submitted my application. I whispered a prayer as I clicked submit and hoped for the best.
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A few days later I saw a comment on one of my Instagram posts saying I’d been sent a message. After checking the abyss known as Instagram messages and saw that one of the R.Riveter reps had reached out. They’d been trying to contact me via email about my application!!
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Wait. What?!?

I triple checked my emails and spam but saw nothing. I quickly gave her my personal email and waited. Was it good news? Acceptance or rejection. I had no idea but my nerves were absolutely shot! It was a Friday and I had to make it through the entire weekend – not knowing.


This was one of those opportunities I wanted so bad and all I could think was ‘please don’t let a stupid email glitch force me to miss this‘. A few days later, I received it!! The email I’d been hoping for. I’d been accepted! Despite a few email issues they pushed through and still picked me!!


Excited doesn’t even cover how I feel about this:

I am Officially An R.Riveter #BagsOnAMission Ambassador!


This is a company run by women – military spouses – powerful and determined who saw an opportunity, took the risks and now work towards empowering other women through every stitch and bag. When you shop R.Riveter you are giving women here in the US the opportunity to expand their incomes from home, women in . How? Simple. Every purchase through R.Riveter helps to give back and support their Partners. Causes like The American Rosie The Riveter Association, USO and USO Of North Carolina/Ft. Bragg and so many more (Learn More)!
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The Perks

As An R.Riveter #BagsOnAMission Brand ambassador I also get the chance to share a few ‘perks’ with you – my Readers and Viewers! The first one is a 20% Off Discount on ANY bag you love now through August 31st. Simply Shop, Click and Buy using the Code RRTiffanyH and watch those savings hit your cart!
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I can’t wait to share more with you over the next year!! It’s going to be amazing for you and for me!! Stay Tuned for even more savings, opportunities and info on how R.Riveter is taking their entrepreneurial passions and helping create opportunities for women as we take these #BagsOnAMission with your help and mine.


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