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One Word to motivate, push and drive me through the year. One word to help me set goals, add achievements and see my success. The first time I heard of picking a word for an entire year I loved it. It excited me to have a singular focus for the entire year – for me that was far less daunting than a list of resolutions that I almost always would fail to complete. This year my word has come to me as – execute.

Execute: {verb} to carry out or put into effect

(a plan, order, or course of action)


I thought on my word for the better part of December and obviously into the start of 2018.  Since this is the word that will take me through the entire year I don’t take selecting it very lightly. Execute came to me as I was writing a reply to a comment somewhere. I was speaking on why I choose to pick a word instead of set resolutions and I noticed that I mentioned how it helps me to execute my ideas. It was then I realized that all my words from years past were ones that helped me plan, order carry out who I wanted to be and that now what the year to bring those all together – to put them into effect.



In 2014, I chose the word LISTEN. I was at a place in my personal life where I started to see my fault in certain situations. Times where if I took the time to listen to those around me I may learn more than I do in the midst of my own reactions.


“I have often been accused of being too laid back and allowing people to disrespect me.  Yet in my silence there is usually a hidden strength.  All lions need not roar loudly.  I am learning that by listening first my reactions are well thought out and usually more effective than a rash reaction to another person’s anger or rudeness.” Excerpt From One Word 2014


In 2015, I chose the word GROWTH. I’d come through 2014 with the lesson learned from listening to those around me yet somehow I didn’t feel I made any true change – any growth. So for that year that alone was my focus. To grow as a Woman, a Mom, a Wife and Friend. To be a better person for those around me.


In 2016, my word was BELIEVE. Here started a period where I wanted to bring my dreams as a Blogger into reality. I needed to prove not only to those around me but to myself that the ideas, goals and pursuits I’d had in my head for so long were possible. I needed to believe in His [God’s] Plan, in the Good [of the world], and in myself – that one was major for me but necessary.


Last year I took that newfound belief and used it to expand my expectations. To make the potential for my success LIMITLESS. No more self-imposed boundaries instead I would reach for the biggest goals I could and know that I coud achieve them.


This year I want to take everything I’ve done with my past words and put them into action. I want all that I’ve learned though listening, growing, believing and living a limitless life and execute it. I plan to use them as the foundation for what is ahead. This year I want to see my passions become my reality – to carry them out, bringing all the things I’ve done to create a foundation for my blog, business and future pursuits and pushing them forward.


In my life as a blogger I’ve learned that setting a one word goal for my year helps me focus. It provides me with a goal to work towards. In the past my words has varied from the action required to meet a goal to the change needed to get there. In my future I plan to take both and use them to create all I’ve worked for this far.


So that’s it folks. 2018 is going to be my year to execute my plans and make all those dreams and passions my reality. Are you ready to follow along? I can’t wait to get started – Stay Tuned!!
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